'Living His Best Life'—Dog Caught Swimming in Pool While Owner at Work

A dog owner has captured the moment he returned home from work to find his German Shepherd enjoying a dip in his swimming pool.

Max, his crafty canine, was very surprised to see his human companion return home ahead of schedule. According to the pooch's owner, he decided to drop in during his break to see how his two pups, Max and Chewy, his mini maltipoo, were doing.

As it turned out, the canine pair were doing just fine, with Max captured on camera enjoying a swim in the garden pool.

According to dog trainer Kathy Santo, most dogs see the departure of their human companion from the family home as "a ritual" and part of their daily routine.

"Dogs live in the moment," she told Good Housekeeping. "You leave, they sigh, they assess what's available to meet their needs, they get bored, they sleep (hence the energetic, enthusiastic greeting you receive when you come home)."

However, Santo does acknowledge that a small percentage of canines can struggle with "separation anxiety, destructive tendencies, and/or incredible energy."

Max may well fall into the latter of the three categories, if the video shared to TikTok by docminh is anything to go by.

In the clip, the German Shepherd can be seen doing what appears to be laps of the pool, evidently eager to burn off some energy and make the most of the nice weather.

It's hardly a surprise, given that, according to docminh's bio, they are based in Orlando, Florida, with the period running from March to May said to be the best in the region, weather wise.

Though the video shows that Max was quick to curtail his swimming endeavors upon discovering his owner was home, few on social media were begrudging him a dip in the pool.

At the time of writing, the video of his exploits had amassed 2.1 million views along with a glut of comments from fun-loving fans.

Robin Macera thought the footage was "too funny" adding "at least you know they're not sitting at home bored." Weeniesrule added: "This absolutely made my day!!!! Living his BEST LIFE!!!!!"

Kay8589 joked: "He just needed to cool off from working so hard" while Jasmine021 wrote: "I wouldn't even be mad to be honest they're having the time of their lives." Karen Miller, meanwhile, said: "Now this is the kind of life all dogs should have."

Responding to one comment, Max's owner quipped: "I work so they can have this life."

A small faction expressed concern over the pet owner's setup.

Alishatallarico commented: "I'd be terrified they would accidentally drown when I'm not home" to which the owner replied: "I understand the fear, but Max and Chewy are accomplished swimmers, trained to get out of the pool safely even if the easy side is blocked."

In another reply, he also revealed that Max originally "hated water" until "one day he saw dogs at the park swimming."

He certainly appears to be fond of it now and is clearly loving life in his current abode. Long may it continue.

Newsweek has contacted docminh for comment.

A dog swimming in a pool.
Max the German Shepherd swimming in a pool - the dog's owner was surprised to find his pet pooch enjoying a swim in the back yard. docminh/TikTok