Dog Crashes Golf Cart Into Owner's Car in Hilarious CCTV Footage

CCTV footage has captured the extraordinary moment a pet dog got behind the wheel of a golf cart before crashing the vehicle directly into the side of his family's car.

To top it all off, the canine then coolly hopped off the cart and walked away from the wreckage as if nothing had happened.

The bizarre collision was recorded on a nearby security camera, with the homeowner sharing the clip to TikTok under the handle livingthedriftlife.

"When the kids all deny crashing the new car," the accompanying caption reads. "Good job we've got CCTV."

The clip can be viewed here:

The video shows the dog getting onboard the cart, which is facing away from the house and the parked car.

Suddenly it begins accelerating forwards before turning left in a perfect arch that ends with the vehicle smashing into the side of the black car.

At the time of writing the video has been viewed more than 3.7 million times, with fans flocking to express disbelief at what unfolds.

Bigz1984 said it was less believable than the old "dog ate my homework" excuse trotted out by many school kids over the years. Harrison Taylor commented: "I know I've just watched a video of him doing it but I still don't believe he did it."

Ashley Diane claimed: "I would've blamed my husband, my neighbor and my pastor before ever thinking it was the dog" while dogs_are_cute said: "imagine having to explain that to the insurance company without CCTV to prove it."

Others loved the dog's nonplussed reaction to it all.

"The way he walks off like 'well I didn't do that,'" Megan Blue noted. "Walks off like 'that looks like a human problem, not mine'" car_tech_guy adds.

Commenting on their own video livingthedriftlife admitted they "defo thought it was the kids" until watching the CCTV back.

While their dog, who is called Titan, has been identified as the culprit, it doesn't sound like his owners are too upset with him about it.

"Titan didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose him," they joked in response to the clip.

Straya Station Life, meanwhile, suggested it was "payback" for all the times the kids have "blamed the dog."

Though Titan escaped unscathed, the incident does serve as a reminder of the importance of keeping dogs restrained when traveling in cars of any kind.

Research by Allianz shows that if a car crashes at a speed of just 25mph, an unrestrained dog can be thrown forward at a force equal to 40 times its weight.

That means a large dog weighing around 75 lbs., for example, would generate an impact force of 3,000 pounds in a car crash - a lethal blow not only for the animal but potentially any passenger they collide with.

One dog cheated death after being hit by a car at 80mph after somehow ending up wedged in the vehicle's grill.

It's not all doom and gloom when it comes to dogs and cars though, as this viral video of a canine trying to "eat" oncoming traffic shows.

A dog and a damaged car door.
Stock images of a damaged car door and a dog on a golf cart - one car owner was surprised to discover their dog was the one responsible for damaging their new car. Khosrork/rrecrutt/Getty