Dachshund Wearing Tiny Pair of Soccer Boots Melts Hearts: 'All Star Dog'

A dachshund named Biscuit has gone viral for wearing baby clothes and soccer boots like a "distinguished gentleman", leaving the internet in stitches.

In a video shared on TikTok by the dog's owner, who is known as Biscuit.superdog on the platform, Biscuit can be seen wearing some beige linen trousers and a pair of black and white baby shoes, stomping its paws on the floor.

Biscuit is already quite famous on the platform, and his owner regularly shares videos of him all dressed up. In fact, his TikTok page has got over 718,900 followers and 21.7 million likes.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC) dachshunds are the 10th most popular dog breed in the United States this year, while the first three places are held by Labradors, French bulldogs, and Golden Retrievers.

Dachshunds are very affectionate with family and do quite well with other dogs. Their lifespan is usually around 12-16 years, and usually don't get taller than 9 inches.

People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA), the vet charity for pets in need, says that dachshunds are very active dogs who enjoy being involved in everything around the home, but due to the way they have been bred, they are prone to certain conditions.

The most common conditions they can develop include: intervertebral disc disease, which is an abnormality of the discs that provide cushioning between the vertebrae (backbones), and both standard and miniature varieties are affected by back problems.

Other conditions include heart disease (miniature varieties); progressive retinal atrophy, which is gradual loss of sight over several months or years; and dry eye.

The video, which originally posted on Monday has gone viral receiving over 213,200 likes, 1,319 comments and 8,355 re-shares so far.

One user commented: "tap tap IM SCREAMING." While a second said: "Look at this distinguished gentleman." And a third added: "it's the step for me."

Another user suggested: "Someone get him in a tap class ASAP."

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A stock image shows a dachshund at the park. A dachshund has gone viral for wearing baby clothes and shoes like a "distinguished gentleman", leaving the internet in stitches. Getty Images