Dog Filmed 'Disciplining' Naughty Labrador Sibling in Hilarious Video

A naughty Labrador ended up on the receiving end of a stern telling-off from its elder canine sibling in a hilarious video shared online.

The reason why dogs bark remains something of a mystery. In 2009, researchers from the University of Massachusetts concluded that a canine's bark was rooted in primordial behavior which, in previous times, helped alert others of potential danger.

Where once these ancestors would use barks to warn their pack about a potential predator and scare off the threat in the process, the study concluded that today's domesticated dogs use their barks to highlight any number of conflicts.

These can range from the visit of a mailman to the frustration of being confined to a crate or backyard. In the case of Paprika, the black Labrador featured in the video shared to social media by owner Diana Marker, her frustration was born out of slightly different circumstances

One half of a canine duo alongside her younger sibling, a yellow Labrador by the name of Nutmeg, the two dogs have built up quite a fanbase with over 47,000 followers on TikTok where they have been dubbed "the Spice Girls."

And it's one especially spicy recent video that appeared to have piqued the interest of pet fans online. It's a clip that brings to mind that old adage about respecting your elders and can be viewed here.

In the footage, titled "When your sister catches you misbehaving," Nutmeg is shown bouncing around Marker's apartment with a metal dog bowl in her mouth. Paprika, meanwhile, can be seen lurking off in the distance, shooting a few seemingly disapproving looks in the direction of her sister.

At one point Paprika lets out a low but audible bark, clearly warning Nutmeg to get in line. That warning goes unnoticed however, with Nutmeg soon escalating her naughtiness by leaping up on the couch.

It's at this point that Paprika decides to let her know who is boss, letting out a louder, firmer bark that appears to say "enough" and soon has Nutmeg jumping down to the floor, dropping her bowl in the process.

The speed at which Nutmeg relents is clearly the source of much amusement to her owners—and they are not alone. At the time of writing, the video has amassed 6 million views, with fellow dog fans jumping into the comments section to have their say on the hilarious footage.

Kel_kel_18 commented: "The fact that the other dog is disciplining and not the owners makes it 100 times funnier." User73528494 loved "The way she tried to warn her softly first" with Mollie-Lucy Aldrich noting that it was almost like the black Labrador was warning her "don't make me come up there."

Calli Villanueva joked "I got off the couch and she wasn't even barking at me" while rascal_farts said: "Paprika does not like rule breaking!" Elsewhere, jazzy_j1997 loved the fact Paprika "waited until she almost got comfy" before barking at Nutmeg with Chris Wright commenting: "She said get down!"

Newsweek has contacted the original poster for comment.

This isn't the first time an older canine sibling has dished out a little discipline around the house. One dog recently went viral after his owner realized he often shot them disapproving looks whenever their younger dog misbehaved.

In another viral clip, a younger dog turned snitch after laying the blame for a ripped cushion firmly at the paws of their pooch companion.

A brown and a yellow Labrador dog
A brown and a yellow Labrador dog. A pair of female Labradors have gone viral after the elder canine dished out a stern telling-off to her younger sibling. Nicole Mamola/Getty