Dog Films Her Own TikTok Video and the Internet Is Obsessed

TikTok is popular with millions of people the world over—they use the app to create and share videos of their lives.

However, what you may not have known is that dogs are also getting in on the act by creating their own content... well, sort of.

A video has gone viral which appears to show a dog shooting her own TikTok video, and many online are obsessed.

In the clip, posted by my_aussie_gal on June 14, an Australian Shepherd can be seen in front of a tripod that has a smartphone attached.

The animal, whose name is Secret, then steps forward and presses the phone with her nose to supposedly begin filming.

Next, the perspective shifts to that of the tripod camera, and Secret takes a few steps back before hopping forward on alternate front legs.

She then spins around, before waving at the camera before hopping along the carpet once more.

Text overlaying the video reads: "Just filmed her first TikTok :)."

The incredible clip is then captioned: "This was a lot of fun."

So far, the video has received a whopping 41.9 million views and 8.2 million likes.

Many rushed to the comments section to share their views on the hilarious footage.

One TikTok user, Destroyinggamer 4.0, wrote: "That dog is a paid actor don't fooled."

Another person, Idk what to post, added: "That dog is better than me at making TikToks."

Davidtoala815 typed: "My dog doesn't even listen to me when I say sit."

Shinningstar stated: "Too much cuteness in this video."

Inscichaaak commented: "Secret is not a dog for sure. Your child."

To this, my_aussie_gal replied: "I certainly think of her as my child. But, I honestly I don't see why she can't be a dog AND my child. Dogs are amazing, intelligent beings!"

Adversely, you may also enjoy a video that recently went viral of a dog who displayed less aptitude and instead finds himself in an embarrassing situation.

In a clip posted to TikTok by Brothermarr, real name Oli Marr, a Border Collie can be seen wandering into the wrong home by accident, and his reaction is hilarious.

The video begins with Marr filming his house as the dog enters and wanders up to the homeowner, wagging his tail.

The animal walks right up to Marr and sniffs him. before it slowly dawns on the pooch that he has made a mistake.

In a panic, the canine spins around and speeds towards the door, slipping over in his haste.

"The moment this dog realized this ain't his house and we ain't his humans," the overlaid text reads.

Newsweek has contacted my_aussie_gal for comment.

A small white dog
A stock image of a dog in front of a yellow background. On TikTok a dog appears to have filmed her own video. Getty Images