Dog Gets Reveal Party From Newly-Adopted Pet Parents

A pair of pet parents threw a reveal party for their newly-adopted pooch after he was brought into their home from an Ohio animal shelter.

Pet parents Katie and Zachery had a welcome bash for their new addition to the family, Rocket, with a sweet reveal party.

In photos uploaded onto the Facebook page of animal shelter Lake Humane Society (LHS), based in Lake County, Katie and Zachery stand by a box with the words "it's a…" written within a red love heart.The duo then feigns looking shocked when black and white balloons emerge from the rectangular box.

It is at this point viewers get their first glimpse of Rocket who appears delighted to be with his new pet parents.

A final trio of snaps then show Rocket on his own and then accompanied alongside Zachery and Katie, looking happy in each picture.

The post accompanying the photos, uploaded on Sunday, read: "How sweet is this adorable family? They had a special reveal party for their newly adopted LHS pup, Rocket. Congratulations Katie, Zachery and Rocket."

It went on to be liked more than 1,000 times and was also shared on dozens of occasions.

Commenters also chipped in with positive messages for the pair and their new pooch, with one commenting: "That's so awesome!! Congratulations on your new baby!! He is very handsome and lucky."

Another added: "I just love what you did for Rocket. It could not get any better than this."

A third said: "So awesome. Lots of love and happiness. Rocket, enjoy your new family."

Rocket was adopted from LHS, an animal shelter and adoption center that works to care and also find a home for "unwanted, injured, abandoned and abused animals."

Newsweek has contacted LHS for comment.

The welcome display for Rocket appears to be inspired by the reveal party craze that has taken off in recent years.

They typically involve a couple who are unaware of their child's gender and only learn when either blue or pink color items, such as balloons or smoke, go off.

Videos of the reveal parties have gone viral on several occasions after creative couples shared dramatic moments from the reveal.

Last month, a family planned one of the most extravagant gender reveals and shared it on TikTok.

The gender was revealed when a man slammed a small football onto the ground, similar to a touchdown. Blue powder then emerged from it, indicating the couple was going to have a boy.

It was similar to a gender reveal
The party was similar to a gender reveal bash. Stock image. Mccallk69/Getty