Couple's Very Dramatic Gender Reveal Party Amazes Internet

Finding out the sex of your baby is a memorable moment in any parent's life.

In modern times, many choose to learn whether their child will be a girl or boy prior to the birth, by having a gender reveal party.

This new phenomenon involves parents discovering their unborn baby's sex via a color reveal in front of their friends and family—if the color pink appears they're having a daughter, but if its blue they'll be welcoming a son.

There have been many creative ways to perform the reveal. It could be by popping a balloon, cutting a cake or, in the case of a recent viral video, something far more dramatic.

A family orchestrated one of the most extravagant gender reveals we have seen, posting footage of the event to TikTok on June 22.

The video, which was shared by Slamsauce22, begins with two garage doors sliding upwards, both filled with smoke. One is backlit with a pink light, the other a blue one.

A man, wearing a blue jersey, then appears from the blue garage, followed by a woman wearing a pink jersey coming out of the pink garage with a dog.

She then throws a small football to the man who slams it on the floor, as if he is scoring a touchdown. Blue powder bursts out of it, indicating they are going to have a boy.


Don’t worry kid, you’ll never have to wear a giants jersey a day in your life. #genderreveal #genderrevealparty #pregnancy #football #babyboy

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The pair then hug, as the crowd cheers at the cinematic scene.

Slamsauce22 captioned the clip: "Don't worry kid, you'll never have to wear a giants jersey a day in your life. #genderreveal #genderrevealparty #pregnancy #football #babyboy"

The footage has since gone viral, having been viewed by more than 3.1 million people, and receiving over 587,700 likes.

Many took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the incredible video.

One TikTok user, Sammy, wrote: "The energy in the video is IMMACULATE!!!! I'm here for this!!!!"

Another person, Alex Brown, added: "The most extra gender reveal I've seen in a while and I'm 100% here for it."

Gabriela Gutierrez typed: "This made me cry because I hope my baby is a healthy boy so bad."

Ethan Trace exclaimed: "If my kid's gender reveal ain't this dramatic, I don't want it."

Arielm0520 stated: "My football loving heart loves everything about this."

Whereas user9980214191556 confessed: "Okay I'm not a big fan of gender reveals, but you guys did it right!! This was amazing!!"

pregnant woman being hugged by man
A stock image of a pregnant woman being hugged by man from behind. Recently a couple on TikTok did a very elaborate gender reveal to find out the sex of their child. Getty Images