Gender Reveal Party Goes Wrong When Two Raccoons Fall From the Sky

Gender reveal parties are now one of the more fashionable ways that prospective parents learn the sex of their unborn child.

This modern phenomenon, and social media trend, involves parents-to-be finding out their baby's sex at a gathering of family and friends when either the color blue (for male) or pink (female) appears.

The color reveal has been done in many creative ways. It could be by popping a balloon, cutting into a cake or, in the case of a recent viral video, firing confetti out of a combine harvester.

Typically, parents are surprised, whatever the outcome. But for one couple, their gender reveal party was far more shocking as it was involved a pair of racoons falling from the sky.

In the footage, posted to video sharing site TikTok on May 1, the couple are being watched by friends and family, as they await colored confetti to float from above.

However, when the combine harvester is turned on two raccoons fall from the header, one after the other, splatting onto the gravel below.

The two animals, clearly as stunned as the partygoers, scurry to get to their feet and one scuttles away, traveling straight through the legs of one of the guests.

The amazing clip, which was shared by Morgan McDonald, who is known on the app as @dayyyyyne, has already been viewed more than 1.7 million times, and received 47,400 likes.

McDonald captioned it: "Gender reveal gone wrong."

Many took to the comments section to share their shock at the video.

One TikTok user, dexikaze, wrote: "That first one ain't making a comeback. The first one just got a concussion worse than an ice skater playing football."

Richard Hamel typed: "Naah that's messed up."

While Justin Giltz added: "Is it just me or everyone seem so chill?"

Footage of the event was also captured from a different angle by TikTok user @mark.vick. He captioned his video "had some unexpected guests drop in."

In this clip we can see that the combine harvester then showers the couple with pink confetti.

While the pair do then hug they, like everyone else, seem to be distracted by what just happened.

However, the fact that this gender reveal did not go entirely smoothly is inconsequential compared to the tragic accident that occurred back in March in Mexico.

A gender reveal party stunt went devastatingly wrong and two pilots died.

The aircraft had been rented in order to perform tricks in front of a family and their friends.

Yet after the plane trailed a sign revealing the baby was going to be a little girl, it nosedived into the Caribbean Sea, killing both pilots.

Couple gender reveal party
A stock image of a couple at a gender reveal party. At a party that was shared on TikTok the color reveal was interrupted by a pair of raccoons. Getty Images