Watch Dog Comically Greeting Owner From Afar—'Respects Your Personal Space'

Some dogs might jump up at their owners as they walk in the door, or even bark at them—but this dog prefers a much calmer approach to greet her humans.

Bean was filmed perched atop the stairs by her owner Jordan Plumb who wanted to share how the husky and Australian shepherd mix greets her with a smiling face and a wagging tail.

Some people might not believe that dogs are capable of smiling, but the American Kennel Club notes that there is such a thing. A smiling dog might bare its teeth, but not in an aggressive manner—they tend to do it by curling their mouths into a C-shape, and it's often accompanied by a wagging tail.

Dog Greets Owner From Stairs
Bean pictured at the top of the stairs. Bean's owner, Jordan Plumb, showed the adorable way she gets greeted by the dog when she comes home. @todayatthepark

Sharing the video on TikTok (@todayatthepark), Plumb gave people a glimpse into the way Bean welcomes her home each time she walks in the door. The text layered over the video reads: "This is Bean. Bean won't greet you at the front door, but she will peek out from the top of the stairs and wag incessantly."

Plumb joked that "Bean respects your personal space" and that's why she stays at the top of the stairs, rather than walking downstairs to greet everyone who comes into the house.

Plumb, from San Francisco, told Newsweek: "Our guests are always so giddy seeing her peeking out from the top of the stairs, and she's figured out that she can still get pets without putting the effort in to go downstairs.

"This is the first place we've lived in with stairs, so she started doing this when we moved in. She does this when we leave too. If she's coming with us, she won't come downstairs until we grab her leash."

This might be a trick that many other dog owners wish their pet would learn—rather than being bombarded as soon as they set foot in the house. Plumb noted that they didn't teach Bean to do this though, she learned to do it all by herself.

Plumb might be used to the "boundary-respecting queen," but TikTok users were amazed by Bean's gentle nature, as the video has amassed over 1.5 million views since it was posted on February 8.

Speaking about the reaction to the video, which has over 180,000 likes on TikTok, Plumb admitted that she's been overwhelmed by the positive outpouring that Bean has received.

"I didn't expect the video to get 1.5 million views! Everyone loves her expressive ears, perpetual smile, and subtle shimmies because of her wagging tail," she said.

"We've gotten a lot of comments on the video, so it's sweet to see other people loving our girl as much as we do."

Among the hundreds of comments that Plumb referenced, one user commented on the video: "She's a lil security camera," and another wrote: "The airplane ears are the best."

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