Angry Dog Hates Being Groomed so Much It Has to Wear 'Astronaut' Helmet

The technique a groomer used to clip a chihuahua's nails has gone viral, after he needed to wear what looked like an astronaut helmet.

Tiny dog Chief is not a fan of being groomed and clearly isn't afraid of letting it be known. In a viral video with over 4.5 million views, the chihuahua was captured growling and lunging every time a nail was clipped.

For the safety of the groomer, an astronaut-like helmet came to the rescue.

"Chief wants to be an astronaut when he grows up," groomer Heather captioned the TikTok post.

The dog was filmed hoisted up in a harness-style sling while wearing a bubble helmet to keep him from biting when having his nails cut. That's not to say he didn't try though, as he wriggled about in the sling.

The video can be seen in full here.

Despite the helmet proving surprising online to those who had never seen it used before, it's actually a commonly used tool in the grooming industry. Often, the helmet will be used on cats, but some groomers choose to use it over a muzzle on small dogs too.

As for the hammock sling, they're also commonly used for smaller dogs and cats who tend to move about a lot during the grooming process. They're also used for older dogs who find it harder to move to allow for the grooming process.

In fact, frequent online "hacks" exist on how to recreate the slings at home when grooming your old pet—the most popular being using pull up bars and a cheap purse with four holes cut in.

It was the comparison to dog Chief being an astronaut that truly caught the attention of the internet though, with a long line of other comparisons and nicknames following.

"The sphere of shame," commented one user.

"Or he might be Hannibal Lecter when he grows up," added another, noting the holes in the helmet.

Others, however, were left slightly concerned by the apparent distress of the dog during the grooming process, and advised that simply letting their nails file naturally against the floor when walking would be a better option.

On Monday, another dog went viral for an unconventional accessory choice, wearing a fur jacket and seemingly enjoying out.

One-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback Blarf was shared to Reddit by his owner after excitedly parading the kitchen in a new fur jacket. It was originally his owner's Halloween costume but "looks better on Blarf."

According to his owner's comments, Blarf often finds himself wanting to wear hoodies and jackets as he gets cold in the winter. "He is a Ridgeback, they get super cold in the winter and this guy has been wearing hoodies his whole life and he actually brings them to put them on when he's too cold," they wrote.

Chihuahua being groomed
Stock image of a chihuahua being groomed. Getty Images