Woman Brilliantly Camouflages Puppy She Bought 'Without Telling' Boyfriend

A dog owner shared the hilarious way she hid her new puppy from her partner, after she said she purchased it without telling him.

Bruno the puppy's owner managed to camouflage him into a bundle of stuffed animals, raising little to no suspicions after being placed on the bed. His fluffy fur meant he easily blended in with his surroundings, looking exactly like his inanimate friends—and he stayed still to play along with the trick.

"When you get a puppy without telling your boyfriend," wrote the owner on-screen, with a "don't be suspicious" audio playing in the background.

A second video showed even more clearly just how well Bruno managed to fit right in with the stuffed animals. This time, the owner paired a "nobody's going to know" audio, as she filmed the complete bed with the new puppy, this time leaning forward and somehow blending in even more.

Impressively, the dog didn't even move, and simply stayed in the same inconspicuous position.

"Wait, I did not notice him or her," wrote one amazed TikTok user.

"He understood the assignment," added another.

"I have to do this when I get a new puppy," vowed one TikTok viewer.

Another video subsequently posted online showed the boyfriend present while Bruno met older canine sibling Coco for the first time. The boyfriend could be seen cradling Bruno in his arms as Coco jumped up to greet him.

Coco is two years old and, according to the TikTok videos, "obsessed" with the boyfriend, as videos show the pair hugging and Coco licking his face.

Bruno is a Maltipoo—a so-called "designer" breed mixing a Maltese with a Poodle. Maltipoos are reported to be friendly with other dogs and fit into most families.

According to Purina, the Maltipoo originated in the United States "in a quest to find a small companion dog that didn't shed and that would fit into any family's lifestyle no matter how small their home and garden."

Just this week, Newsweek reported on a bond between a dog and its owner, when Polly Manser shared the hilarious dynamic between her father and the "dog he didn't want."

While looking after the dogs solo, her dad realized there was no dog food in the house, and decided to lovingly share his breakfast of beans on toast with goldendoodle pups Scruffy and Milo instead.