Dog Insanely Happy at Ripping up Owner's Apartment: 'No'

Social media users have been left in stitches after watching a dog's gleeful reaction to its owner coming home and finding the mess it had made.

A video posted on TikTok by Madee Bones shows the moment she discovered her apartment covered in trash and caught the culprit red-pawed.

In the clip, which was filmed two years ago and shared again on January 15 for its second anniversary, Bones found a single piece of trash on the stairs leading to the apartment proper.

She picked it up, before looking back up to see dirt and other pieces of garbage all over the floor.

Bones repeatedly said "no" as she continued to walk up the stairs.

As she turned to enter the living room, her white dog gleefully raced up to greet her and then backed away—seemingly wanting to show off its handiwork.

The woman continued to scream "No" as she filmed the overturned garbage can and its contents strewn across the wooden floorboards.

Rounding off the clip, the delighted pooch tripped over its own mess and wagged its tail as Bones screamed once more in despair.


2 years ago today this gem of a moment happened. #fyp #trending #dogfails

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Since the clip was shared on TikTok two weeks ago, it has racked up 2.5 million views and some 236,000 likes.

Thousands of comments have also been left on the clip, with many claiming it demonstrated exactly why they would never get a dog.

One TikTok user wrote: "This is why I could never be a dog person omg the patience y'all have. Nope."

Another posted: "I just know you were either having the best day or worst day ever before you came home to this. This kinda stuff doesn't happen on mediocre days."

Other pet owners shared similar stories. One wrote: "I made the mistake of leaving two bags of soil on a chain in my living room and came home to a 'dirt room' I sobbed."

Some TikTokers suggested that Bones should get a cat instead, but many others disagreed.

One cat owner commented: "me reading the comments that say 'a cat would never do that' while cleaning up the mess that my cat made doing the exact same thing."

A wiener dog has also earned an army of fans in recent days thanks to footage of his attempts to climb onto his owner's couch.

In the viral video, Hot Dog Henry tries valiantly and via various routes to get onto the couch, failing every time. The clip, set to the iconic Mission: Impossible theme, has been watched some 7 million times.

Stock image of dog in trash bin
Stock image of dog rummaging in garbage can. The delighted dog has been watched more than 2.5 million times on TikTok. Ирина Мещерякова/Getty