Dog's Hilarious Reaction During Game of Hide-and-Seek Goes Viral: 'Boo!'

A fluffy white dog by the name of Silo has found internet fame after making quite the entrance in a video shared by his highly amused pet sitter.

Social media has shown us time and time again that dogs are capable of being entertaining and, at times, hilarious in their day-to-day activities. However, the jury is still out on whether our canine friends have an actual sense of humor.

Yet Silo the Great Pyrenees makes a pretty convincing case to support this theory in a video shared to TikTok by his dog sitter, posting under the handle meowyjane00.

The footage begins with the camera fixed on the open doorway of a room. Within seconds the "ruff" of a dog can be heard off-screen.

Seconds later, Silo bounces into view, jumping down, just to the left-hand side of the doorway, letting out another "ruff" as he lands.

It's an entrance that screams "gotcha" or "surprise!" According to meowyjane00's caption on the video, it may more likely be a response of "found you," as it would appear as though Silo and his sitter had been engaged in a game of "hide-and-seek" which he was very much enjoying.

Frozen staring at his human companion, Silo's dog sitter was left in fits of laughter after being found, with countless millions at home echoing her amused response. At the time of writing, the original video had garnered 6.1 million views and can be watched here.

In the clip's comments section, fans flocked to show their love for Silo. Sharonlp77 said: "Oh my goodness, that pounce," while BoAIZM felt Silo's bark could be roughly translated as him saying: "boo!"

Katrinaparker172 declared: "I can watch this again and again and it never stops being funny," with ginaravojackson describing Silo's antics as "adorable." Kelly Bridges, meanwhile, deduced that the sound at the beginning of the clip was him "pouncing" in another doorway in the house.

Citrus vitamin agreed, writing: "He definitely did that exact thing to another room right before." PGH....1 was left in no doubt about Silo's comedic skills though, commenting: "Dogs have a great sense of humor" to which his sitter responded: "definitely."

Newsweek has contacted meowyjane00 for comment.

The idea that dogs have a sense of humor is not a new one. Charles Darwin actually wrote about the concept in The Descent of Man.

Darwin said: "Dogs show what may be fairly called a sense of humor, as distinct from mere play; if a bit of thrown to one, he will often carry it away for a short distance; and then squatting down with it on the ground close before him, will wait until his master comes quite close to take it away.

"The dog will then seize it and rush away in triumph, repeating the same maneuver, and evidently enjoying the practical joke."

Dogs are certainly capable of some hilarious things whether it's withering looks of disapproval or an irrational fear of lemons. However, the debate around intention is likely to rumble on.

A dog called Silo makes his entrance.
A Great Pyrenees called Silo has taken social media by storm with his love of party games. meowyjane00

Update 03/07/22, 5:30 a.m. ET: This article was updated to add a new video and photo.