Dog Owner Discovers What Puppy Gets up to in Kitchen After They Go to Bed

A puppy has found herself firmly in the doghouse after being caught on video up to no good in her owner's kitchen.

Lola, who is cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle, otherwise known as a Cavapoo, was busted after her human companion Grace Chapman discovered evidence of her nighttime adventures on a perfectly placed security camera.

The footage can be viewed here:

The musical actress, who toured the U.K. and Ireland as part of the hit musical Wicked and more recently appeared in an ad for Lays potato chips, took to TikTok to share proof of her puppy's misdeeds.

The resulting video, posted under the hand grace_chapman11 has been viewed more than 3.2 million times on the platform with dog lovers the world over flocking to get a glimpse of Lola's antics.

"Why my puppy is no longer trusted alone in the kitchen," an onscreen caption reads.

In the clip, Lola is shown jumping up from the floor up onto the kitchen counter, before heading off on a happy stroll along the entire food preparation area.

Evidently not content with the life of an ordinary dog, she then settles in for a doze in the corner of the kitchen worktop closest to the camera.

Even then she's not quite done, opting to head off back towards the other end before eventually resting on top of the switched-off oven itself.

Dog fans quickly fell in love with Lola. "This is the cutest," crazypoochbuddy commented with Marina Quinn adding: "This is so funny."

Soapy_smurf thought Lola's impressive vertical jump was proof she is "secretly a cat" while Chapman's decision to lay the Mission: Impossible theme over the action went down a storm with animal lovers.

MathewMiller467 thought the dog's efforts made her a shoo-in as the "new James Bond" with Fitzithecorgi in agreement that, based on the footage, she was a "007 pupper." Usalwaysxdd, meanwhile, declared Lola a "literal ninja" after watching the clip.

Newsweek has contacted Chapman for comment.

Lola's antics amount to what dog experts most commonly describe as "counter surfing." Cathy Madson, a certified dog trainer, says stopping these kinds of habits requires a two-step approach that begins with "prevention."

"Dog behavior is all about association; if jumping up on the kitchen counter has gotten them a piece of ham (even just one time!), your dog has learned that it's a behavior worth trying again," Madson told Preventive Vet.

She recommends taking steps like blocking off access to the kitchen using something like a freestanding gate, keeping your dog in a crate or pen when cooking and making sure kitchen counters are clear of any trace of food items that could entice your pet. "By removing the temptation of counter surfing, you prevent it from being reinforced and set your dog up for success," she said.

Madson said it is then about teaching your dog it's more rewarding to practice an "alternative behavior" rather than a bad one. For example, train them to learn that by sitting and staying in their bed or on a specific mat when food is out in the kitchen, they will earn a treat.

Lola isn't the first animal to act like an altogether different species.

One cat recently went viral on TikTok after adorable footage of it pretending to be a rabbit was uploaded to the platform where it was quickly dubbed the cutest thing ever.

Elsewhere, another puppy has been busy melting hearts after their owner found them enjoying a nap inside the lining of their couch.

A cavapoo dog looking on.
Stock image of a Cavapoo. a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle crossbreed has been busted by their owner doing something it definitely shouldn't have been doing. Thomas De Wever/Getty