Missing Puppy Discovered Sleeping Inside Lining of Couch in Adorable Video

A panic-stricken dog owner got a pleasant surprise after searching high and low around the house for their missing puppy.

According to her TikTok post, Jailene Pequeño was starting to "freak out" after realizing her new dog had seemingly disappeared.

A search of the house ensued with Pequeño increasingly puzzled as to where her beloved canine could possibly be.

Then she remembered the hole in the bottom of her couch.

Instructing her boyfriend to check the space on the off-chance her dog had found her way inside, he then stumbled upon the tiny pup enjoying a super cozy nap among the inner foam and springs.

After the stress of the search, Pequeño was eager to capture the adorable scene on camera with the resulting footage finding its way onto TikTok under the handle jpequenooo.

At the time of writing, the heartwarming footage had been viewed over 26 million times. The clip can be viewed here.

The experience struck a chord with fellow pet owners. "I spent 2 hours searching for my cat and she did the same thing," Pythagorii21 commented. "This happened with my cat," jessicapaigethornton said. "Scared the hell out of me."

Others were overcome by the cuteness of it all. "That may be the most adorable dog ever," jds412tik responded. "Don't you dare wake that sweet angel," Race Red Annie added. Iszszszszszy, meanwhile, declared: "She found her bedroom."

Despite the comments being largely a doggie love-in, there were some who expressed concern over the puppy's napping space. "That's dangerous," MJ.Dizzle warned. "What if somebody or a fat person sits down."


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While such a scenario appears unlikely, it's not beyond the realms of possibility. In 2020, a puppy belonging to the U.K. TV personality Katie Price died after suffocating to death in an electric armchair.

Dog owners concerned about this kind of danger could be better served by keeping their canines away from their couches altogether. According to Victoria Schade of Pet MD, the best way of keeping your dog off the couch is to provide them with a "comfy alternative."

"Instead of giving your dog a flat pad-style dog bed, select a donut bed that has a bolster, which gives him something to lean up against," she said. "Keep the bed close to where you hang out and consider investing in a few beds so that your dog has a home base in all of your primary living spaces, like the kitchen, bedroom and family room. You can make his special bed even more enticing by frequently anchoring a treat-stuffed toy to it."

Newsweek has contacted Pequeño for comment.

Her video comes just days after another young dog went viral after trying and failing, to go for a swim in a tiny bowl. Elsewhere, a feisty young puppy proved popular with dog lovers online after their owner shared a video showcasing the dog's reaction when she hears the word "mom."

A sleeping terrier puppy.
Stock photo of a sleeping puppy - a dog owner in search of their missing puppy had a pleasant surprise. golfyinterlude/Getty