Golden Retriever Enjoys 'Mud Bath' So Much on Walk 'He Needs a Snorkel'

Dogs and mud. It doesn't matter if you've just had them groomed, or just cleaned the house, if a dog sees mud, you can pretty much guarantee they will investigate.

Dog walker Brianne Manuel, @thecrazydoggirl, has uploaded a video to TikTok of one of her walks, on which a golden retriever called Bandit can be seen lying in a big mud puddle.

Over four million people have viewed the adorable clip of the dogs on a walk in a woodland in Nova Scotia, Canada, which has the caption "Living his best life. HAHAHA."


"Oh my god you two!" says Brianne as Bandit and a black labrador play in the large muddy puddle.

"Oh my god what a turkey," she continues. "I can't believe he's doing that," to which an unidentified male voice replies: "I know he needs a snorkel."

Mud, Glorious Mud

Clearly delighted at the happy pooch, one user wrote: "Doggo is having a therapeutic mud bath clearly."

Pet services website Wag! suggests that dogs' obsession with mud might be instinctual, originating in predatory behaviors.

"Rolling around in mud or other substances can mask their scent, allowing them to sneak up on prey more efficiently," their website says. "Dogs do not really hunt anymore, they have become domesticated through hundreds of years of human companionship. However, it has not always been that way."

muddy dog
A stock image of a muddy dog. It is possible that dogs love mud so much because of primal hunting instincts. Getty Images

"Wolves have been observed to show similar behaviors, rolling in mud or animal carcasses to mask their scent for their hunt. It is not just wolves, it is a pretty common staple in the canine family and several other species of predators have been observed to use the same techniques. In some cases, it is a learned behavior. Unfortunately, humans and dogs do not communicate with each other well.

"Often we make some mistakes, often early in the dog's life, that leave lasting repercussions. If, when your dog was a pup, he ran around and played in the mud and you thought it was adorable then you may have caused them to continue this behavior."

Chocolate Dipped Goldens

Many users were delighted by the video, with one saying, "The dog is like yea I'm laying here, maybe she won't notice the bottom half is covered in mud," to which Brianne replied, "If you blur your eyes…Wait now it's a choccy lab."

Another user commented: "We call those chocolate dipped goldens, they're my fave."

Some users described their own experiences of dogs and mud.

"My dog did this once. He rolled over completely in it then he decided to roll in dry dirt. He was literally caked with mud," said one, while another said, "Oh my dog, my dad would've had a heart attack!"

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