Dog and Rabbit Who Look 'Like Twins' Melt Hearts With Their Special Bond

Guarding the house can be a tiresome job for dogs, which is why this goldendoodle can always rely on his rabbit sidekick to keep him company.

Wilson, 7, is lucky to have Walter, the 6-year-old rabbit who comes and sits with him throughout the day.

The duo's owner shared the video on TikTok (@itswalterhops) of Wilson and Walter sitting on the landing side by side. The clip has already generated almost 600,000 views since it was posted on March 10. Writing on the caption of the video, their owner said that "the bond these two share melts my heart."

Dog and Bunny Sit Together
Photos of Wilson and Walter sitting on the landing together. Their owner has told Newsweek that Walter has spent so much time with Wilson, he now thinks he's part of the dog pack. @itswalterhops

The American Kennel Club (AKC) suggests that dogs and rabbits can live together as pets. However, owners should be vigilant about their proximity in the home, especially when unattended.

Some dogs are more likely to have an inherent desire to hunt, as certain breeds have long been used for sniffing out prey. So, while both animals grow accustomed to each other, the AKC encourages owners to watch their pets at all times. It is best to have a hutch or somewhere for the rabbit to be kept separate when the animals are alone.

After Wilson and Walter went viral on TikTok, their owner Marni Licursi told Newsweek how much she loves catching the two sitting together so peacefully.

"They have been close pretty much since the day we brought Walter home," Licursi said. "I do have another dog, but, for some reason, Walter gravitated towards Wilson and seeks him out throughout the day.

"This is a favorite spot for Wilson because he can lay on the landing and look out at the large window over our front door and keep an eye on the house.

"So, at least once or twice a day, I will find Walter laying next to Wilson on the landing. But he will also lay next to him on the couch and try to play with him by running circles around him, or running back and forth in front of him."

Licursi, of Cleveland, admits that she had concerns about introducing Walter to her two other dogs, as he has no rabbit friends. However, those fears were soon dispelled when she saw him interacting with Wilson.

That bond between rabbit and dog has continued to grow, as Walter now even thinks he's one of the dogs at times.

Licursi added: "I have had reservations about Walter not having a mate, but I really believe he feels he is part of the dog pack in our home, and he feels included.

"When we first brought Walter home, Wilson and Monte, my other dog, were extremely excited, and they would sit next to the cage and whine. The thought of them ever being able to coexist together and bond was so remote, I never dreamed that a relationship like this would form.

"It truly is very special. Walter is very smart and social, he's a one of a kind rabbit," Licursi said.

With more than 21,000 likes and hundreds of comments on the TikTok video, so many people enjoyed seeing the unlikely duo together.

Many people commented on how similar their fur coats are, which makes the bond even closer. One person wrote that "their hair makes them look like twins! Adorable!"

Another TikTok user posted: "They obviously go to the same beauty salon."

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