Dog Trapped in 18ft Crevice for 39 Hours Saved in Incredible Rescue

A pet dog who was trapped in a crevice 18 feet deep for 39 hours has been saved following an incredible rescue in South Wales, U.K.

The dog, named Reggie, fell into the crevice on Wednesday (January 19) while out walking with his owner Leah.

Emergency services responded quickly, but they were unable to reach Reggie. Food and drink was sent down into the crevice during the operation with the hopes that Reggie would be able to access it while the emergency rescue work continued. Whether or not he could access it was unknown, WalesOnline said.

Leah posted about the incident on Facebook, with images showing emergency services working to free Reggie from the crevice near Clydach, north east of Swansea in Wales.

"Yesterday while out walking up Clydach forestry my dog Reggie fell down a 10ft crevice, my poor boys been stuck down there through the night," she wrote in the post.

Hours later, the dog owner updated the story with the news that Reggie had been freed and was alive and well. "Reggie is Out!! I can't believe it and can't thanks everyone enough. The support and help has be absolutely amazing!! Give love," Leah said in a post.

"Reggie is in good spirits, the vet has no concerns for him, he really is a true little warrior. The love, support and help from everyone I can't thank you all enough, we are overwhelmed!"

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Images showed Reggie the dog being carried after rescue workers were able to get him out.

Subsequent footage posted by Leah showed the dog, a spaniel, reunited with his owner and seemingly in good spirits after his ordeal.

In an email to Newsweek, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service said that in total, Reggie was trapped for around 39 hours: "Multiple crews attended the scene where a small dog could be seen and heard trapped in a crevice," it said. "Crews were able to assess the situation using specialist equipment such as canine lights and cameras and discovered the dog was approximately 18 feet down.

"Our crews worked alongside emergency service colleagues to strategize and assist with the rescue while also making the area safe. We received confirmation at approximately 5:59 a.m. on Thursday the 20th of January 2022 that the dog had been released and was reunited with its owners."

Wales is a mountainous country in the western United Kingdom renowned for its extensive system of caves.

The rescue of Reggie on Wednesday and Thursday follows a number of other interventions by rescue services in the region recently.

In July last year, a dog was rescued from a 20ft Earth fissure in Merthyr Tydfil after it fell through the opening and became trapped.

And in November 2021 a large team of rescue workers was employed to help get a man in his 40s who got trapped in a cave in the Brecon Beacons for two days.

That rescue effort was described by the South Wales Caving Club as the potentially the longest rescue effort from a cave in Britain. The man was unable to climb out himself due to his injuries and needed to be lifted out of the cave on a stretcher.

The headline and article has been updated with quotes and information provided by South Wales Fire and Rescue Service.

English Springer Spaniel
Stock image of a English Springer Spaniel. A spaniel was trapped in a crevice for 34 hours before being rescued by emergency services in Wales. James D. Morgan / Contributor/Getty Images