Dog Runs Onto Field During Soccer Match and Scores Goal

A dog in Chile has sent soccer fans into a frenzy on social media after the animal was filmed scoring during a recent match.

The unnamed Alsatian's impressive ball skills were showcased in a video posted to Twitter by Chilean amateur side Deportivo San Miguel de Rio Viejo, which has been viewed more than 2 million times already.

In the clip, Deportivo San Miguel de Rio Viejo can be seen preparing to launch a free kick forward from just inside opponents Real Zaragoza Chillán Chile's half of the field.

At this point the dog is already on the pitch, wandering around close to the action with no owner in sight.

Seconds later a whistle is blown and the ball is kicked forward.

The resulting delivery failed to find a single Deportivo San Miguel de Rio Viejo player.

However, the dog is ready, timing his late run to perfection before connecting with the ball and sending it flying past the stranded Real Zaragoza Chillán Chile goalkeeper.

It's unclear from the video as to whether the ball connected with the dog's head or back, but the resulting deflection is enough to wrong-foot the keeper.

The goal draws laughter from those watching, while the referee raises his hand in a possible indication that the goal was ruled out.

Footage of this memorable moment was captured on camera by someone pitch side, with Deportivo San Miguel de Rio Viejo sharing the clip and praising the dog for their "gran golazo" or "great goal."

Hoy con un gran golazo de #Firulais lo ganó #ElGigantedeRioViejo a Zaragoza en 2da. Adulta...


— #ElGigantedeRioViejo (@SnMiguelChillan) September 5, 2021

Soccer fans have since flocked to the Tweet to comment that, while impressive enough, the strike would have likely been ruled out on account of the dog being offside.

The clip was also picked up by the Twitter account for UK-based soccer podcast The Football Ramble, who dubbed it their "favourite goal of all time."

This dog knocking in a cross in Chile has instantly become our favourite goal of all time.

— Football Ramble (@FootballRamble) September 6, 2021

They sought to defend the dog against critics claiming they were offside, writing that the canine "pawsed his run" perfectly.

That prompted a flood of dog-based soccer puns.

"You simply can't allow a player of that pedigree so much room in the box," Davezophisnutt wrote.

"He was playing a false K9," Messinomics added.

Grelch, meanwhile, commented: "That striker's a different breed."

Newsweek has contacted Deportivo San Miguel de Rio Viejo for comment on the goal.

The video has proven a hit with pet lovers and sports fans alike, much like the hilarious Corgi dog racing which was broadcast on ESPN in August much to the bafflement and delight of those watching along at home.

Dogs love nothing more than stealing the spotlight when it comes to human activities, sporting or otherwise.

In August, a dog in Canada ended up being the star of the show after gatecrashing his owner's live weather forecast.

Storm the miniature Goldendoodle thought nothing of walking on screen while Global Toronto weather reporter Anthony Farnell gave viewers an update of what to expect over the coming days. The resulting broadcast proved memorable.

A dog heading a soccer ball.
Stock image of a dog heading a soccer ball. Footage of a canine scoring an expertly taken goal has gone viral on Twitter. alexei_tm/Getty