Laughter as Squirrel Visits Labrador for a Stare-Off Through the Window

A squirrel and a dog with a unique friendship have delighted and amused users on TikTok. In one of many videos posted to the page @brodifur, a yellow Labrador named Oliver can be seen sitting by a window while Helen the squirrel peers in through the window.

The video has been viewed over 622,000 times.

The text reads, "These two are at it again. Oliver can spend hours in his wooden chair, when he does Helen usually comes to visit."

In the comments, one user asked, "Have they ever met up outside? If not, do you have plans to make that happen?" To which the original poster replied, "They have! They met in the back yard. Oliver went up to the tree she was on and it was the same. A lot of staring."

Grey squirrel
A stock image shows a gray squirrel. A yellow Labrador and a squirrel have started an unlikely friendship, according to a TikTok video. suefeldberg/Getty Images

Newsweek spoke to Tricia Roberts, owner of Oliver about the unique relationship. "He was born on a farm with lots of other animals," says Tricia, "Now, he loves to watch birds and squirrels and loves being around other cats and dogs. He's a big lover."

She explains that Helen has been coming around to visit since 2017, "I can tell it's her because of a little cut in the top of her right ear," she says. "Over time she has gotten much more comfortable with me. She'll climb up my leg for a peanut. She even runs up to Oliver when we go out the door for a walk."

Their relationship isn't just limited to window gazing and the two actually met in person last year according to Tricia.

"They officially met in person in the back yard last year. She was on a tree. He sat and stared at her while she kept getting closer and closer to get a good look at him."

Can Dogs Live With Other Animals?

It's well documented that different species can become friends, like a cat and a cow, a dog and a fish, and a guinea pig and a cat. But how risky is it to have other animals living with dogs?

Whether it's a guinea pig, a cat, or a parrot, introducing your dog to another animal requires patience and consistency. Dogs and cats are predatory animals and may have to learn not to see small rodents as prey.

labrador and squirrel
Oliver the yellow Labrador and his friend Helen the squirrel. Brodie Roberts

Pet advice website Wag Walking recommends setting up a small and secure cage for the animal as a good start.

"Once the animal is secure, take your dog outside on a leash and bring a pocket full of treats. You are going to slowly familiarize him with small animals and drill positive behavior into him," the site says.

This is known as the socialization method, where you get your dog used to the new animal by using positive reinforcement with treats. You also familiarize your pet with the new smells.

Wag Walking also suggests something known as the "down method." This involves teaching your dog to fall to the ground as soon as it displays signs of aggression.

"This will also cement your position as the pack leader and increase the control you have over him in other aspects of his life," says Wag Walking. It recommends holding a treat in front of your dog's nose and saying "down."

Feeding squirrel
The OP Brodie Roberts feeding Helen. Brodie Roberts

You may have to guide its legs at the beginning. Give the treat as soon as the dog lies down.

The site continues, "You now need to practice the training even when there are distractions around. You can use a small cuddly animal toy, another dog on a leash or even a family member. Just have him walk 10 yards away from you and have your dog lie down as soon as he shows signs he wants to run over to them.

"Keep practicing this and rewarding him until other dogs and people can walk closely by and he'll still drop to the ground," Wag Walking advises.

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