Laughter Over German Shepherd in a Hot Tub Acting Like 'One of the Boys'

A video of a dog sitting in a swimming pool and appearing to socialize with a group of men has gone viral on TikTok.

The clip shared from the TikTok account @barstoolsports, which had received more than 427,000 likes at the time of writing, shows a German shepherd with its head peeking above the water alongside the men who appear to be chatting over drinks inside the pool. As the video zooms in closer to the group, an overlaid message reads" POV [point of view]: "Your German shepherd thinks he's one of the boys."

A caption below the video, attributed to user @I Can't Even (via:Hieeangel/ig), read: "Yeah Vanessa is great and all but i really like that poodle Ashley."

According to a December 2020 study in the peer-reviewed journal Frontiers in Psychology, dogs have "special skills to understand and interact with humans." This is the result of the "evolutionary history and domestication" of dogs as well as "complex competences acquired by individual and social learning."

The study said there is "accumulating evidence of their understanding of human emotions, gestures, and actions and of how much they are thus part of human culture and our social game.

A German shepherd crossbreed sitting near pool.
A dog sits by a swimming pool. A video of a German shepherd sitting in a swimming pool and appearing to socialize with a group of men has gone viral on TikTok. iStock/Getty Images Plus

"Bonds between dogs and humans are selective, intense, and vary in quality. Affiliation plays a motivational role in dog behavior and shapes the dogs' attitudes as well as their interaction with humans," the study concluded.

Several users on TikTok were delighted by the dog in the latest viral video, with many saying it "obviously" and "absolutely" is one of the boys.

One user, Terrible, wrote: "He is one of the boys," in a comment that got 11,400 likes.

Anna Marie agreed, noting: "Thinks he is?… I think he KNOWS he is."

Eva.Romme wrote, "Uhm... he obviously is one of the boys," while Kristy-Lee agreed, noting, "He absolutely is the only boy."

Colby said, "I don't see a German shepherd. I see a hot tub full of the boys," while user8924993128658 wrote, "POV the 4 guys think they're German shepherds."

Kostas Gogas said, "He is actually the [boys'] leader as I see it..., " while user By Pelcia said, "He is the most handsome boy!," and Annette Miller agreed, commenting, "He is the best-looking one."

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