Watch Golden Retriever Get Involved With Owners' Cuddle

A heartwarming video of a dog desperate to join in on a cuddle between its owners has gone viral on Instagram.

The video shared on the Instagram account of Fira, the golden retriever under the username @fira_the_ piranha, shows the dog sitting on a bed, reaching out to the couple with one paw, while a message overlaid in the video reads "Guys, I'm not included," followed by "Hello."

A couple hugging their golden retriever dog.
A couple hugging their golden retriever dog near a sofa in a home. A heartwarming video of another golden retriever joining his owners for a cuddle. iStock/Getty Images Plus

Fira later pokes its nose at the hips of the couple before standing up on the bed on two legs and leaning on the couple, while the overlaid message reads: "Nevermind, I'll just join you."

The couple then embrace the dog as the message reads: "Squeeze. Squeeze. Squeeze [three-person family and heart emoji]." See the video on Instagram here.

Several Instagram users shared comments on the "cutest" video post, which received over 673,000 likes at the time of writing, such as user mojo_n_jojo who said: "Omg this is the cutest video."

User lakshmihariharanx said: "The cutest third wheel."

Carvalhosam noted: "Poor thing!!! Hahaha so cute [heart-shaped eyes and heart emojis]."

User carriebays wrote: "We call this a 'triple kiss' in our family."

User karakoy11 said: "I love it soo so sweet precious adorable moment's [orbiting hearts, heart-shaped eyes and heart emojis]."

Several users shared that their dogs are also keen to join in on cuddle fests.

User maryam.lk89 said "My puppy does the same," while prriyankaa.__ wrote: "I wanna hug thatt dogg [heart and teary eyes emojis]."

User johnyboy382 also said: "My boy bear [bear emoji] is exactly the same [heart emoji]."

Other dogs on Instagram praised Fira for "working" its way into the hug.

User porterthegoldenpuppy, the Instagram account of another golden retriever, said: "Good job working your way into the hug!! So cute!"

User marceline.thevampiredog, the Instagram account of a dog called Marley, wrote: "[crying laughing emojis] love it, I am always trying to join in on the hugs, too. I worry my hoomans will forget how much I love them, so I have to remind them. Constantly."

User betty_bo_bubbles_bloodhounds, an Instagram account of a trio of bloodhound dogs, said: "How dare them wooow."

Described as friendly, intelligent and devoted, golden retrievers are among America's most popular dog breeds, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the world's largest dog registry.

Golden retrievers are "outgoing, trustworthy, and eager-to-please family dogs" who "take a joyous and playful approach to life and maintain this puppyish behavior into adulthood," says the AKC.