Dog Waits by Door All Day Looking Glum While Owner Is at Work in Heartbreaking Video

The coronavirus pandemic has been horrible for humans, but not so bad if you are a dog.

Those much-loved family pets have hardly been left alone, as many worked from home and going for a walk became a focal activity during restrictions.

However, when one dog owner looked at what her pooch was up to when she left the house via CCTV, it seemed he was missing his human very much indeed.

In the footage, posted to TikTok by Mr_munch_theboss on June 20, an English Bulldog can be seen sat forlorn by a door awaiting his owner's arrival.

The animal looks downtrodden as he sits staring into space. However, at the end of the clip he jumps up wagging his tail as finally the door opens and his owner walks in.

Text overlaying the video reads: "This is what your dog does while you're away at work."

It then continues, from the dog's perspective, with the words: "Once I wake up at noon, I sit and wait for mom to come home. I wait patiently like a good boy.

"I get hopeful at any and all footsteps, hoping they're mom's. Its super disappointing when it's not."

Mr_munch_theboss captioned the clip, writing: "In case you're wondering what your furry friend does while you're away at work. #animals #bulldogs #englishbulldog #animalsdoingthings #funnyanimals."

The footage has since gone viral, having been viewed by more than 1.2 million people, and receiving over 218,600 likes.

Many took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the adorable video.

One TikTok user, Amber55, wrote: "Oh get another I promise this is not what mine do my camera catches them resting then sleeping on the couch like they own my home."

Another person, Kam Mef, added: "I set up his blanky and stuffed animals on the couch for him so he can relax and sleep in comfort and tell him I'll be right back."

Lea explained: "My dog runs into my room as soon as the door closes and gets into trouble. I catch them every time I forget something and need to run back in lol."

Onelove2MJ typed: "Not my dog he finds any and everything to destroy in the house while the other two sleep."

Payton said: "That's it quitting my job and working from home, he was so heartbroken."

B commented: "I would email to my boss and explain that I actually can't come to work anymore ever again."

However, recently another clip went viral showing a dog actually trying to escape away from his owner, a move that ended with hilarious consequences.

Posting to the TikTok on June 11 Darian Harsch, know online as darianleigh92_, showcased what happened to her dog when he decided to leap from a moving car.

Instead of tragic consequences the pet can be seen looking rather sheepish as he hangs from a harness out of the passenger window.

The voice to the clip says: "My dog jumped out of the car window while it was moving."

She continues: "If you ever needed a reason to keep your dog in a seat belt, here's one."

English Bulldog sleeping
A stock image of an English Bulldog sleeping. In a TikTok video a similar-looking dog was filmed looking glum at home while his owner was away. Getty Images