Dog Tries to Jump From Moving Car, Finds Himself in Awkward Position

Dogs are a man's best friend, so keeping your pooch safe should be a top priority.

You never know quite how your pet is going to act. Therefore taking precautions is paramount, as one dog owner recently found out in a viral TikTok video.

Posting to the video-sharing app Darian Harsch, know online as darianleigh92_, showcased what happened to her dog when he decided to leap from a moving car.

Luckily, the result is hilarious, rather than tragic.

In the footage, shared on June 11, a dog can be seen handing from a harness out of the passenger window.

The camera focuses in on the animals face, who looks rather disgruntled.

The voice to the footage says: "My dog jumped out of the car window while it was moving."

She continues: "If you ever needed a reason to keep your dog in a seat belt, here's one."

"Did you jump out of the window babe?"

Harsch captioned the footage, writing: "A really good example of why a tight fitting harness and a seatbelt are so important for your pets."

She then continued: "#dog #dogsoftiktok #doghaerness #seatbelt #viral."

The humorous clip has so been viewed 3.5 million times, and received more than 487,600 likes.


a really good example of why a tight fitting harness and a seatbelt are so important for your pets. #dog #dogsoftiktok #dogharness #seatbelt #viral

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One TikTok user, Selima Menefee, wrote: "He looks so embarrassed."

Another person, Samantha Nicole, added: "He's really looking at you like 'I see where I messed up, & I'd like to try again. Please don't tell dad, this is embarrassing.'"

Crumpledleaf typed: "That's also why you use a harness instead of a collar while using a dog seatbelt!!! Good job!!"

DagaRoo402 commented: "Can we just agree lessons were learned and put the phone down mom."

Shealeigh_98 stated: "Oh thank goodness he was on a harness! I'm always terrified of this happening and I don't even have a dog!"

Car travel is not the only situation where precautions need to be taken for pets. In some states, smaller breeds might also be at risk from coyotes, hawks, or other predators.

As a result dog owners have sought a novel solution to this, by electing to dress their pets up in brightly colored vests that are covered in spikes and designed to deter predators.

Aside from being practical, they also make your pet look totally adorable—just like a miniature punk.

A montage of dogs wearing this protective gear, which is called a CoyoteVest, was shared to TikTok by user @spicey_lemonz on May 17.

She captioned the footage: "They look like walking landmines."

Dog leaning out of car window
A stock image of a dog leaning out of a car window. In a TikTok video, a dog jumped out of moving car. Getty Images