Dogs Are Dressing in Neon Spikes to Protect From Hawks —TikTok Is Obsessed

Exercising your dog is not always a walk in the park.

In some states in the U.S. if your canine pal is a smaller breed, aside from attack from bigger dogs they might also be at risk from coyotes, hawks, or other predators.

But we are not trying to scaremonger, and if you are worried about your pooch there is a novel way to ensure protection.

Some dog owners have decided to dress their pets up in brightly colored vests which are covered in spikes in a bid to deter predators.

Aside from being a useful outfit, they are also totally adorable—your pet will look like a miniature punk.

TikTok user @spicey_lemonz shared a montage of dogs wearing the protective gear, which is called a CoyoteVest, on May 17.

She captioned the footage: "They look like walking landmines."

The video begins with the woman wearing a mask asking viewers: "Wait u haven't seen dogs in anti hawk vests?"

Next, we are treated to a slide show of different canines wearing the brightly colored outfit, which comes with a metal spiked dog collar and a fan of plastic sticks along the ridge of the back.

They are attached to the animal with Velcro and have additional protective add-ons.

The item has proven very popular online, having already been viewed by more than 3.2 million people, and has received 426,700 likes.

Many took to the comments section to share their views on the somewhat hilarious get-up.

One TikTok user, Scribs, wrote: "Punks not dead!!!!!!!"

Another person, SirNubs, added: "I have one for my pug these ones are coyote vests but they also work for hawks and they have gears specific for hawks too."

Scoot typed: "I've never seen these before but I'm so glad I have now."

An account by the name of user22158779395798 highlighted the importance of the vests by explaining: "I live in Alabama. In the hood in Alabama. I got a Pitbull pup in 6th grade.

"On day 3 we went on a walk, a hawk came down by my face and took the pup."

The CoyoteVest was originally shown on Shark Tank and was created after the founder's dog being taken by a coyote in 2014.

On the company's website, it reads: "Birds of prey can injure or kill your small dog in the blink of an eye. We know because it happened to us, and that's why we developed our patented CoyoteVest.

"Its purpose is to help slow down or prevent a surprise attack and give you enough time to react before serious injury occurs.

"The CoyoteVest gives us peace of mind knowing that our dogs are not utterly defenseless.

"While nothing can protect your dog completely the CoyoteVest offers multiple levels of protection that can help.

"The unusual appearance makes your dog look strange in the eyes of a predator and may cause them to hesitate before attacking."

dogs dressed as punks
A stock image of dogs dressed as punks. A TikTok video showing small pets dressed in neon spikes has gone viral. Getty Images

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