Dog Filmed Walking on Two Legs After Being Caught in the Act by Owner

A dog has delighted the internet after appearing to defy the laws of canine physics by taking a stroll on her two hind legs.

In a video posted to TikTok by her owner Kassondra M. Van Wyk, an adorable Doodle by the name of Nala introduced the world to her two-pawed approach.

The footage has proven a massive hit with pooch lovers the world over and has amassed more than 12 million views in the space of just a few short days. You can watch the video here.

In the clip, Nala can be seen digging into something on Van Wyk's kitchen worktop, next to the refrigerator, while her owner watches on from behind her camera.

Soon enough though, she makes sure her presence is felt.

"Hey! Excuse me?," Van Wyk can be heard saying. "Nala!"

At this point, Nala's head appears from out of shot on the other side of the refrigerator, with the dog's expression the perfect embodiment of the words: "who me?"

"You doing dishes?" Van Wyk asks.

Nala pauses for a moment as if contemplating the question. "Hope so!" her owner quickly adds. Having surmised that her ruse is most definitely up, Nala abandons whatever was keeping her occupied on the kitchen counter.

She then turns and delicately walks away from the kitchen area on her two hind legs, pretending as if she has just seen something or someone else off in the far distance.

Van Wyk posted the video alongside a caption imagining Nala's response to her question as: "Hell no, I'm not doing your dishes." However, dog fans commenting on the clip were quick to come up with their own interpretations of what she may have been saying in response.

Gerald Baker Jr imagined Nala responding: "Why yes I am doing dishes and I have a casserole in the oven" while James Almendarez thought the canine was replying: "I'll be back, I just have to go check the laundry."

Others were enamored with Nala's impressive balance on two feet. "So cute how he walked away on two legs," Mary Ann Cosgrove commented. Wayne Sivo though Nala panicked and "forgot how to dog" while weratedogs went in with a great pun, writing: "she was clearly puparing dinner for you."

But while it may seem adorable on video, dogs should apparently be discouraged from walking on their hind legs. According to Ultimate Pet Nutrition "dog legs are not built to handle too much extra strain and weight."

"A dog's front legs carry two-thirds of its entire body weight, while the back legs carry only one-third," they explain. "The muscle structure in a dog's hind legs is stronger to compensate for this difference, but it is not equipped to handle the dog's entire body weight."

Nala's video comes just a couple of months on from a similar viral clip that captured the moment a golden retriever was caught stealing food from a kitchen counter.

In another more recent doggie clip, the owners of a sweet pet pooch took to social media to share a clip of their dog's adorable habit of petting other dogs when they first meet them.

A dog stood on his hind legs.
Stock image of a dog stood on his hind legs - a dog has gone viral after making a quick escape on two legs after being caught by their owner. Budanatr/Getty