Dog's Amazed Reaction to Christmas Lights Is Melting Hearts Online

Christmas is a magical time of year, especially when streets are lit up with sparkling festive lights.

However, it isn't just humans that appreciate a glittering home, as one photograph on Reddit would suggest.

An image shared to the website by an account called Pacmaneatsfruit shows a white and gray dog staring out of a car window at some Christmas lights—which are reflected in the body of the vehicle below.

The picture is made all the more adorable by the look of wonderment the canine appears to have in his eyes as he gazes at the brightly-colored decorations.

Pacmaneatsfruit has captioned the stunning snap with the explanation: "My wife and I don't have kids yet so we take our dog out to look at the lights. He absolutely loves it."

Naturally the photograph has attracted a lot of attention online, having surpassed 90,000 upvotes and nearly 1,000 comments.

One Redditor, MrLynch1878, wrote: "You can see the genuine awe and wonder in the dogs eyes."

Another person, Blueworld202, commented from the dog's perspective, adding: "This is so beautiful. I hope that my humans remembered to give my list Santa this year."

MightywarriorEX revealed: "We put a Christmas tree for the first time in our husky's 9 years of life. She just sits and watches is every night.

"I just have a playlist and a timer set from 5 p.m.-1 a.m. and all she wants to do is sit on the couch and take it in. It fits her personality perfectly. She likes to just sit under trees and stair up at the branches anyway. Now she can in AC!"

RareRedDietitian explained: "I would love this. You are beautiful people."

CitrusC4 gushed: "What a beautiful face. Wonderfully done pic with the lights reflected on the vehicle!

Silvercowlick opined: "May all the dogs of the world have such loving humans as you two."

Agent_Honeydew admitted: "He definitely enjoys it more than my teenagers do. Sometimes I miss when it was all magical to them. I'll have to consider just getting a dog and taking it to look at the lights with me."

Drink15 commented: "I'm curious what he sees considering dogs can't see the full range of color we see."

According to, canines are not actually fully colorblind, however "the color range they perceive is limited compared to the spectrum we see. To put it in very basic terms, the canine color field consists mostly of yellows, blues, and violets."

Dog Christmas lights
A happy-looking dog wearing a Santa hat. On Reddit a photo of a dog enjoying Christmas lights has gone viral. iStock