Dog's 'Clever' Method to Stop Slipping on Wooden Floor Has Internet Howling

The hilarious way one dog avoids slipping on the apartment floor has left the internet in stitches this week after a video captured viral attention.

Dog owner Ester, who runs the account myathefoxy on TikTok, posted a video Friday of her 3-year-old shiba inu Mya which has since received over 2 million views.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) says that the shiba inu is the 42nd most popular dog breed in the U.S. Officially recognized as a breed in 1992, they originated in Japan where they are still the most popular companion dog. Brought to America roughly 60 years ago, the small and muscular pups are famed for their confident personalities, alert expressions, and smooth strides that are often compared to foxes.

Shiba Inu careful steps to avoid slipping
Shiba inu Mya has captured viral attention for her careful stepping method to avoid slipping on the floor at her home. myathefoxy/TikTok

In the video that has left viewers in stitches online, Mya the dog is seen jumping down from the bed and carefully walking through to the next room—all the while taking careful slow steps until she reaches the living room rug. In the caption, owner Ester wrote: "Better safe than sorry."

Ester told Newsweek: "Since Mya was a puppy, she has always gotten overly excited every time we arrive back home. She usually sleeps in the bedroom while we are gone so when we arrive, she rushes to the entrance. She comes running at full speed, with her happy Shiba screams and airplane ears to greet us with kisses. Since our floors are wooden, she would slightly slip on certain parts when running that fast."

But last week, the shiba's owners noticed a new habit she had picked up—the adorable slow and careful steps.

"We noticed last week that she would rush to the bedroom door at full speed and then go as slow as possible until she reached the living room rug," said Esther: "We thought it was so cute and clever of her that she had learned to go slower in that area of the house."

In fact, it is not uncommon for dogs to have an aversion to slippery floors. Usually as a result of a negative experience, such as an unexpected slip, dogs struggle to understand why their paws cannot grip on a soft surface and can even feel as though the floor is moving under them.

Experts suggest slowly training your dog to make peace with the slippery floor if this is an issue for your pet. Encourage them to spend time in the area and praise them for their bravery by rewarding them with treats that will help them to create a positive association with the floor.

Similarly, encouraging slow movement—just like Mya has already mastered—can be the perfect solution to help your pup gain their confidence on a slippery surface.

"This is the sweetest thing," wrote one commenter on the viral video, while another viewer said: "My dog was also super afraid of slipping, but her method was to sprint as fast as she possibly could and it was definitely worse."

"This made my night," said another commenter: "Right belly laughs. I needed that thank you."

"It has been really nice to hear from people whose pets do the same thing," Ester said. "And judging from all the comments I think we need to get Mya a new rug."

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