Dogs Trapped in Giant Mexico Sinkhole Rescued After Four Days

Two dogs were saved from a giant sinkhole that they fell into at a farm in Mexico on Thursday, after it grew in size and began to swallow a nearby house.

The sinkhole in the state of Puebla, Mexico, which is now the same size as an American football field, was formed late in May month on a farm in the town of Juan C. Bonilla.

A house began to get swallowed up by the sinkhole, causing the family that owns it to evacuate, as local residents were warned to stay away from the area, state governor Miguel Barbosa Huerta said at a press conference on May 31.

Two dogs, Spike and Spay, fell onto a ledge inside of the crater on Monday, after they crossed a security line set up around it, according to Mexico News Daily. They were trapped for around four days.

Spike and Spay fell into the hole while they were playing next to the crater. The sinkhole now stands at around 400 feet wide in some places and 150 feet deep.

The government of the state of Puebla said in a statement that the dogs had been fed over the course of the week, but were initially unable to be saved as the area was considered too dangerous while the hole kept collapsing, according to the Associated Press.

On Thursday afternoon, officials from the local fire department rescued Spike and Spay from the ledge on the side of the hole that was located around 50 feet down from the ground.

Firefighters descended into the sinkhole using a ladder, while their colleagues pulled the dogs to safety using ropes.

The local government's Facebook page shared video footage and photographs of the rescue and its aftermath showing the dogs in the care of veterinarians. The government confirmed that the dogs were safe, following their check-ups.

In a statement while firefighters were attempting to rescue Spike and Spay, the government said: "We reiterate our commitment to animal welfare by safeguarding human lives."

An investigation has been launched by the local authorities to establish the reason behind the sinkhole's formation.

On Friday May 14, a dog was rescued in Georgia and reunited with its owner after it was found trapped at the bottom of a giant hole.

Cobb County Animal Services revealed in social media posts that the dog was discovered by local resident Ty McIntyre at the bottom of the large man-made pit.

The agency revealed that McIntyre discovered the dog while checking the property during a visit, before he then called the authorities to help rescue the animal.

"Thank you to Mr. Ty McIntyre who found this sweet dog. Cobb County Animal Services wrote in an Instagram post. "The owner was located shortly after. Great teamwork from all."

Newsweek has contacted the Puebla state government for comment.

Dogs rescued from Mexico sinkhole
Firefighters attempting to rescue two dogs from a sinkhole in Mexico. Two dogs were saved from a giant sinkhole they fell into at a farm in Mexico on Thursday. Gobierno de Puebla