Noah Schnapp Plays Wingman for Doja Cat and Joseph Quinn in Viral TikTok

Doja Cat's crush on a Stranger Things actor has been exposed by Noah Schnapp's TikTok account.

The Grammy Award-winning artist must have enjoyed Season 4 of the Netflix show, as she's showed an interest in Joseph Quinn. His character Eddie Munson became the breakout star from the latest season, with fans raving about his performance online.

He's seemingly become the object of Doja Cat's desire as well as Schnapp, who plays Will Byers in Stranger Things, shared screenshots of her private conversations with the musician, calling her "thirsty Doja."

"Noah can [you] tell Joseph to [hit me up," Doja Cat wrote to Schnapp in their Instagram private messages. "Wait no. Does he had a [girlfriend]?" She then asked.

"Lmao slide into his DMs," Schnapp told her.

Doja Cat then said that Quinn doesn't have an Instagram or a Twitter, and therefor "doesn't have a DM to slide in."

Schnapp came back and shared Quinn's Instagram profile, writing "Right here ma'am."

The exchange came not long after Doja Cat had tweeted about how it was "criminal" how fine the British actor looked. At the end of May she also tweeted out "Joseph Quinn fine as s***."

Schnapp's TikTok was viewed over 12 million times within hours after being posted. Thousands of people commented on the video, commenting with excitement about the prospective coupling up.

A number of verified TikTok accounts commented too. "Omg the ultimate power couple," wrote Thee Megan Louise excitedly in all caps, while Absorber wrote, "bro just exposed Doja Cat" with the skull emoji.

The official account for the Empire State Building also took notice. "Noah exposing Doja was not something I was ready for today," the New York landmark wrote.

The news quickly spread to Twitter where Quinn and Doja Cat became trending topics.

"Imagine being Joseph Quinn right now and having THE Doja Cat publicly thirsting after you," wrote @lostfielder. Anticipating what's next for the potential couple, @motorheadmunson said, "Oh I know Doja will sneak a Joseph Quinn lyric to a song."

Season 4 of Stranger Things was released in two parts, but all nine episodes are available to watch on Netflix now. The next season, Season 5, will be the show's last. The exact release date for Season 5 is unknown but Newsweek has pieced together everything we know about the final season so far.

It's unknown if we'll see Quinn in the Netflix series again but his next project is set to be a movie called Hoard, in which he stars alongside British actor Hayley Squires.

Doja Cat, Joseph Quinn and messages
Noah Schnapp's TiKTok went viral after he revealed Doja Cat wants to slide into Joseph Quinn's (seen right in "Stranger Things") DMs. Jerritt Clark/Getty Images / TikTok @NoahSchnapp / Neflix