Trump's "Three-Hour Work Day" is Over Once a Democratic Congress Starts Investigating, Conservative CNN Host Says

CNN Host S.E. Cupp warned on Saturday that things aren't going to be so easy for President Donald Trump after Democrats take control of the House of Representatives next year, following the midterm election results from earlier this month.

The conservative political commentator warned that Trump's reported "three-hour workday is about to go bye-bye."

"Governing is hard work and it's about to get harder without Republicans controlling all the levers," she said, adding that "with Democrats retaking the House the next two years will be the equivalent of a rectal exam for Trump."

CNN's S.E. Cupp: 'The Next Two Years Will be the Equivalent of a Rectal Exam for Trump' via @mediaite

— S.E. Cupp (@secupp) November 18, 2018

Pointing to "the deluge of investigations," his "shrinking base" of supporters and the president's reported lack of trust for many working in his administration, Cupp argued that the next couple years will be significantly more difficult for the president. "All this means Trump 1.0 is likely to return and with a vengeance," she argued.

Trump has previously called Cupp "one of the dumber pundits" on TV and "a totally biased loser who doesn't have a clue," despite her conservative views. In a 2016 interview with The Hollywood Reporter , the CNN host discussed her relationship with Trump, quipping: "He's never grabbed my genitalia." She was apparently referencing a leaked recording of the president's offhand remarks about women, which included : "grab them by the pussy."

"I was looking forward to his campaign," Cupp admitted to The Reporter. "But obviously he took it to a dark place pretty early on. I knew I wasn't going to be supporting him. It's just for me personally a very bizarre culmination of events," she explained.

A rift arose between Trump and the pundit after she blasted his December 2015 call for a "total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States," while he was still just a presidential candidate. " Peddling this unconstitutional, un-American, un-conservative garbage has got to stop," Cupp admonished at the time.

President Donald Trump meets with members of the airline industry at the White House on February 9, 2017 in Washington, DC Win McNamee/Getty Images

The host also told the Hollywood newspaper that it was "surreal" when she would meet Trump in person. "I've been saying awful things about him, which are all true and still there's this moment of recognition that we're all here just doing the job," she said.

CNN has been the most prominent target of Trump's attacks against the media, with the president consistently referring to the network as "fake news CNN." Earlier this month, the president clashed with the network's chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta, ordering the removal of his press pass following a now-viral exchange. Taking the Trump administration to court, CNN managed to temporarily restore Acosta's pass after a Friday ruling by Judge Timothy J. Kelly, who was appointed by the president.