Donald Trump Jr. Claims Airport Bookseller Is Not Stocking His Book 'Triggered'

Donald Trump Jr. recently claimed that an airport bookseller has not put his book, Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us, on their shelves, prompting his supporters to ridicule the bookstore's social media accounts.

"Several friends asked me why they can't find my book TRIGGERED at various airport stores? @hudsonbooks I am told its avail at a few, but I've been in 7 airports this week & haven't seen it. Why not have the #1 book? Usual BS I suppose? Get yours below," the president's son wrote on Twitter Saturday evening.

Several friends asked me why they can’t find my book TRIGGERED at various airport stores? @hudsonbooks I am told its avail at a few, but I’ve been in 7 airports this week & haven’t seen it. Why not have the #1 book? 🤔 Usual BS I suppose?
Get yours below.

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) November 30, 2019

The president's eldest son claimed that Hudson News bookstores are not selling his book released early last month.His book was replaced as the number one nonfiction book on The New York Times' bestseller list this week by an anonymous Trump administration official's book cautioning Americans about his namesake father's presidency entitled, A Warning.

Several recent reports have also emerged which accused the Republican National Committee of bulk-buying Triggered in order to inflate sales of the 41-year-old's first book.

One can never say for sure who — there’s a lot of strategic bulk-buying in publishing, especially political books — but *someone* (or someones) is doing bulk purchases of the new #1 NYT bestseller “Triggered.”

— Nick Confessore (@nickconfessore) November 14, 2019

Last month, The New York Times reported that the Republican National Committee and other GOP allies engaged in the practice of bulk-purchasing thousands of copies of Triggered. Federal Election Commission documents revealed that the GOP spent nearly $100,000 in order to push his book to the top of bestseller lists.

An additional controversy surrounding the book took place last month after a Los Angeles launch event turned "very nasty," causing Trump and his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, to flee the venue, CNN reported.

Staunch supporters of Trump began flooding Hudson News booksellers' social media accounts about his unfounded claim of the book not being stocked. The company did not immediately respond Sunday to Newsweek's requests for comment due to the holiday weekend.

"Pretty ironic that this company refuses to sell a book named 'Triggered.' I have one guess as to why," reads one tweet directed at Hudson Booksellers' most recent post.

"Looking Forward To Hearing That You Go Out of Business #TriggeredLiberals," reads another Trump minion.

Critics pounced on Trump's claim about the airport bookseller, mocking his ability to even write a book as well as taking a swipe at the RNC inflated purchase reports. "I think they're fully stocked in the fiction section," one snarky Twitter user replied to Trump Jr.'s complaint.

I think they’re fully stocked in the fiction section

— I’m On a Rant! 🤬🧢 (@JeremyFladstol1) December 1, 2019

"There are boxes and boxes of them at the RNC," another Twitter commenter wrote.

There are boxes and boxes of them at the RNC.

— Mueller, She Wrote Podcast (@MuellerSheWrote) December 1, 2019
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Donald Trump Jr. floated a baseless conspiracy theory that airport booksellers are refusing to stock or sell his anti-liberal "Triggered" book, prompting hundreds of his followers to flood bookstore social media pages with complaints. MARK RALSTON / AFP / Contributor/Getty Images