Kellyanne Conway Just Called Donald Trump 'Commander in Cheese' and Twitter Can't Handle it

Gaffe-prone White House counselor Kellyanne Conway has set Twitter ablaze after appearing to refer to President Donald Trump as the "Commander in Cheese."

In a verbal blip that left social media users delighted, Conway stumbled over her words while in an interview with CNN on Wednesday.

"The commander in cheese… chief," she quickly corrected—but not before her mistake was spotted and shared on Twitter, with several clips posted online and a slew of comments following.

"Twitter give Kellyanne Conway a break with #CommanderCheese....It wasn't referring to Trump..She's still in mourning w/ 3 incidents. Commander Cheese was tragically lost in the Bowling Green massacre after going there to avoid melting away in the Obama microwave spying scandal," one user commented, while another added: "For once I agree w. Kellyanne Conway. He is far better suited to be the Commander in Cheese."

Commander in Cheese?

Kellyanne Conway said it, not me.

— Ted Corcoran (RedTRaccoon) (@RedTRaccoon) June 6, 2018

John Quincy Edams
Abraham Lincoln Log
Ulysses C. Jack
Cheddar A. Aurther
Theodore Roquefort
Franklin D. Roosevelveeta
Burrata Obama

— Andy Grosso (@ndyGrosso) June 6, 2018

No, Kellyanne, THIS is the Commander in Cheese.

— Julie Gerstein (@havethehabit) June 6, 2018

It is not the first time Conway's often unpredictable interviews have been mocked on social media, with previous comments that have prompted something of a backlash including her coining the phrase "alternative facts" when defending then press secretary Sean Spicer's description of the size of the president's inauguration crowd.

Conway also raised eyebrows when she referenced the "Bowling Green massacre" during an interview, despite there being no such occurrence, and using flashcards to explain allegations of Russia collusion.

And now the entire world knows what Kelly Anne calls Trump when he isn’t around. I am so here for this slip. #CommanderInCheese

— Kathleen Smith (@KikkiPlanet) June 6, 2018

But despite some odd TV appearances, President Trump remains a big fan of his counselor, praising her at a recent anti-abortion gala for taking on TV appearances that other people were afraid to do, the Washington Examiner reported at the time.

"She'll do the shows that nobody else dares go near. I'll say, 'Do this one or that one.' 'No problem, sir.' Others say, 'Sir, do you think I could take a pass, please? I beg you, please?' Great going, Kellyanne, thank you," Trump said, also referring to Conway as "a beloved member of my administration."