How to Watch Donald Trump's Atlantic City Hotel and Casino Getting Imploded Online

Donald Trump's former hotel and casino in Atlantic City is set to be demolished on Wednesday, February 17, with the implosion live streaming across a number of platforms online.

The Plaza Hotel and Casino shut in 2014, and was bought by billionaire Carl Ichan. However, the building fell into disrepair, with numerous reports of pieces of the building falling on passers-by.

The demolition of the building was initially set for January 2021 as a fundraiser for the Boy's & Girls Club of Atlantic City that hoped to raise $1 million by auctioning off the right to press the demolition button. However, the event was canceled following a cease and desist order from Ichan to the city, after his company wrote a letter stating that the event would be a safety risk to whoever pressed the button.

Ichan then reportedly donated $175,000 to the Boys and Girls Club of Atlantic City after the event was postponed.

The demolition was then pushed to February 17, with the event scheduled for 9 a.m. ET.

How to watch the Trump Plaza Hotel implosion online

trump plaza hotel atlantic city
A man removes a poster of U.S. president Donald Trump at the shuttered Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino on October 18, 2019 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The building is set to be demolished on February 17 Getty

Local news network Fox 29/KTVU is among those hosting a live stream of the event. At 9 a.m. local time, the Fox 29 website will cover the event live on their website. You can watch the coverage live in the video box below:

The network will also host be covering the event on their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.

Local anchor Steve Keeley was among those celebrating the implosion of a building long seen as an eyesore for city residents. He tweeted, "Atlantic City is about to get its big decaying front tooth extricated.... or more succinctly, Imploded. The former Trump Plaza is getting last minute demolition preps now 5 hours before it's blasted."

The network is not the only one offering a live stream. NBC News is among those also offering a live YouTube stream of the event, which those interested can watch below:

In a Huff Post interview, local fire chief Scott Evans said "it will crumble like a deck of cards," after explosives have been placed at strategic points to knock the 'legs' of the building out from under it.

The Plaza was first opened in 1984, when for a time it was the most successful casino in the city. Non-locals may recognize it from the film Ocean's 11, in which Bernie Mac's character worked as a dealer there.

The building fell on hard times, however, after Trump also opened the Trump Taj Mahal (which is also owned by Icahn and is now a Hard Rock) nearby. Bob McDevitt, president of the main casino workers' union, told HuffPost: "The moment that the Taj Mahal opened up, it began a decline for the Plaza. In order to make sure the Taj Mahal was successful, they shipped all the high rollers from Trump Plaza and Trump's Castle to the Taj, and they really didn't invest in the Plaza much."

By the time of its closure, it was the poorest-performing casino in the city.