Donald Trump Talks Up Ron DeSantis as 2024 Running Mate: 'He's a Good Man'

Former President Donald Trump has called Florida Governor Ron DeSantis a "good man" in response to a question about the governor serving as his running mate in 2024.

Trump made the remarks in an interview with Fox News ahead of an annual dinner held by the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) on Monday, where the former president was speaking.

DeSantis, a Republican, filed to run for reelection as governor of Florida in 2022 on Monday and held a press conference promising to "stand up for people and protect their jobs and protect their livelihoods."

Trump told Fox News he would "probably" wait until after the 2022 midterm elections before announcing a potential fourth run for the White House.

The former president said once again that "a lot of people will be very happy" when he makes his decision—a comment he's made several times in the recent past.

He also appeared to praise some other potential Republican presidential candidates, saying: "A lot of great people who are thinking about running are waiting for that decision, because they're not going to run if I run."

"We have a lot, they're all very well named," Trump said. "But almost all of them said if I run, they'll never run."

He added: "And that's nice, primarily because it shows a great degree of loyalty and respect."

Trump made a similar comment when asked about a potential running mate, saying there are "a lot of great people in the Republican Party." Fox News asked Trump about DeSantis as a potential running mate in 2024.

"He's a good man, but we have a lot of great people. He's been good," Trump said.

DeSantis is considered a strong contender for the Republican presidential nomination if Trump chooses not to run again.

The former president was also asked about former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley as a possible running mate and said that Haley "every once in a while goes off the rails, and she comes back, which is nice."

"She said she'd never run if I ran, which I think is a good sign of respect," he went on. "I was very good to her, I thought she did a very good job at what she did with the United Nations. She did an excellent job."

Former Vice President Mike Pence was Trump's running mate in 2016 and 2020 but he has been strongly criticized by the former president and some of his supporters for his actions on January 6.

In his largely ceremonial role as president of the Senate, Pence presided over the ratification of the Electoral College votes that finalized President Joe Biden's win in the 2020 election. Pence defied Trump's wishes and certified the votes despite some Republican objections.

Pence may be positioning himself for a presidential run as he has returned to public engagements in recent weeks.

While DeSantis is a popular choice as a potential GOP candidate presidential candidate, he told South Florida's NBC 6 on Monday that he had "a lot more to do" before considering a White House bid.

Trump and DeSantis Appear at a Rally
President Donald Trump introduces Florida Governor Ron DeSantis during a homecoming campaign rally at the BB&T Center on November 26, 2019 in Sunrise, Florida. Trump has said the Florida governor is a "good man." Joe Raedle/Getty Images