Donald Trump Says Democrats Interviewing Michael Cohen 'May Have' Contributed To His Decision To 'Walk' On North Korea Summit

President Donald Trump blamed Democrats for interviewing Michael Cohen during his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as a possible reason that he walked away from the meeting.

Trump posted the message to Twitter on Sunday.

"For the Democrats to interview in open hearings a convicted liar & fraudster, at the same time as the very important Nuclear Summit with North Korea, is perhaps a new low in American politics and may have contributed to the 'walk.' Never done when a president is overseas. Shame," he said in one of several Sunday tweets criticizing Democrats and the "mainstream media" for the ongoing treatment of his presidency.

"Presidential Harassment by 'crazed' Democrats at the highest level in the history of our Country. Likewise, the most vicious and corrupt Mainstream Media that any president has ever had to endure - Yet the most successful first two years for any President. We are WINNING big, the envy of the WORLD, but just think what it could be?" Trump said.

While in Vietnam, the president said he walked away from the summit with Kim due to disagreements over sanctions against North Korea.

"It was about the sanctions," Trump said in a press conference after the summit. "Basically they wanted sanctions lifted in their entirety and we weren't willing to do that… We had to walk away from that particular issue."

Earlier on Sunday, Trump reiterated that he is undergoing "presidential harrassment" and called himself "an innocent man."

"After more than two years of Presidential Harassment, the only things that have been proven is that Democrats and other [sic] broke the law. The hostile Cohen testimony, given by a liar to reduce his prison time, proved no Collusion! His just written book manuscript showed what he said was a total lie, but Fake Media won't show it," Trump tweeted. "I am an innocent man being persecuted by some very bad, conflicted & corrupt people in a Witch Hunt that is illegal & should never have been allowed to start - And only because I won the Election! Despite this, great success!"