Trump Doesn't Even Beat A Generic Democrat Candidate In New Poll

In bad polling news for President Donald Trump, the Republican is currently eight points behind a generic Democrat, according to a recent Politico/Morning Consult survey.

Released on Wednesday, the poll shows Trump at 36 percent compared to a generic Democrat with 44 percent; with an even greater percentage of female voters backing a generic Democrat against the president.

Among women, the Democrat candidate enjoys a 15 point lead, at 46 percent compared with 31 percent who would back Trump, while male voters give equal backing to a Democrat candidate and Trump with 42 percent each.

Unsurprisingly the poll was also split along party lines, with the majority of Republicans (79 percent) backing Trump and the majority of Democrats (82 percent) giving their support to whoever the generic Democrat candidate is.

But the suggestion that the Trump effect is holding Republicans back, with recent concerns raised in Texas that Democrats are turning out in large numbers, does not necessarily hold true.

Indeed, in a run off between a generic Republican and a generic Democrat, 42 percent of the 1,993 people surveyed between March 1-5 backed the Democrat candidate compared with 28 percent who would vote Republican.

"Trump supporters are lukewarm about voting for any Republican presidential candidate other than Donald Trump," Kyle Dropp, Morning Consult's co-founder and chief research officer, told Politico.

"Notably, 80 percent of Trump voters say they would vote for Trump over a generic Democrat, but only 54 percent of Trump voters say the same about a generic GOP candidate over a generic Democrat."

The president has hired his 2016 campaign's digital media director Brad Parscale to run his 2020 campaign, with pollsters and politicians alike currently looking to the 2018 midterms as an indicator of the president's popularity.