Donald Trump 'Truth' Twitter Account Suspended as Liz Harrington Quits Site

A Twitter account that shared every message Donald Trump posted on Truth has been suspended, at the same time as the former president's spokeswoman Liz Harrington made a dramatic exit from the platform.

"I will soon no longer be posting on Twitter. This is a terrible website that is beyond fixing," Harrington wrote on the platform on Tuesday. Her post was a direct response to Trump's message saying "leave Twitter and get the TRUTH."

Meanwhile, the @PresTrumpTS, which shared each and every one of the messages Trump has been writing on Truth, has been suspended as of Tuesday, May 17.

The account—which had only been active since April—was "making sure President Trump is heard on Twitter while he and Devin Nunes focus on Truth Social."

Trump's life ban from Twitter was declared in 2021 after the January 6 attack on the Capitol, the platform's management saying that some of the former president's tweets had incited the violence.

The identity of the people managing the @PresTrumpTS account was never confirmed, but there's been speculation that it was run by Trump's team.

Some of the messages Trump wrote on Truth were already being shared on Twitter by Harrington, defying the platform's rule that banned users shouldn't circumvent restrictions by using other people's profiles.

Third-party accounts would not be needed if a new Twitter management led by Elon Musk allowed Trump back on the platform, as statements by the billionaire have vaguely suggested might happen should he complete his purchase of Twitter.

But it would now appear that Trump's team has a new strategy that involves abandoning the platform entirely.

In her message on Tuesday, Harrington invited people to ditch Twitter for Truth, which she claims is already available to everyone as its web application has just launched.

Amid Musk's Twitter takeover drama, Truth has suddenly risen in popularity, after having been thwarted by technical difficulties since the app's creation. Truth Social claimed the top spot on Apple's free apps chart at the end of April, with more downloads than Twitter. So far, over 1.4 million have downloaded the app since its launch in February.

"Before April 23, Truth Social had not previously ranked since March 12," Stephanie Chan, mobile insights strategist at Sensor Tower told publication The Wrap. "This was also the first time Truth Social has ranked at No.1 on the overall U.S. App Store since Feb 24 shortly after its launch."

Newsweek has reached out to Donald Trump's office and Liz Harrington for comment.

Donald Trump 'Truth' Twitter Account Suspended
Liz Harrington (Inset), Donald Trump's spokeswoman, has called for people to quit Twitter and join Truth Social instead. In this picture Trump speaks during the American Freedom Tour at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas on May 14, 2022. Jabin Botsford/AP / BRANDON BELL/GETTY