Drunk Man Asleep on Donkey Is Chased by Officials in Hilarious Video

Have you ever woken up after a night of overindulging, and wondered: "How did I even get home?"

Well, chances are this was the case for one man, whose mode of transport was caught on camera and posted to Twitter—and the answer to that hazy question is quite unexpected.

In the clip, which is filmed at a marina by an onlooker, a donkey walks past with a man slumped on top of it, his arms dangling on each side of the animal.

From his posture, the traveler is either asleep, out cold or simply too intoxicated to sit up straight.

However, it is not merely his way of riding that is hilarious, but his outfit too.

He is wearing a captain's hat and a pair of swim briefs—clearly the outfit of someone who has been having a good time!

As the donkey walks past, confused officials hurry after them, no doubt intending to assist the man.

The footage was shared to Twitter by @HopkinsBRFC on May 1, alongside the caption: "First night back at the pub and you lose your wallet so you need to find an alternative ride home."

The 22-second-long clip has since gone viral, having been viewed over 22,700 times, and garnered over 680 likes, at time of writing.

Many flooded the comments section to share their thoughts on the hilarious video.

First night back at the pub and you lose your wallet so you need to find an alternative ride home pic.twitter.com/d7I26IcQLK

— ❤️A page to make you smile again ❤️ (@HopkinsBRFC) May 1, 2021

One Twitter user, @NoGriftingPlz, wrote: "I love the female cops reaction at the end. It looks like she realizes it is her neighbor or maybe her priest."

They then added: "Gotta say I hope the dude realizes once you go donkey you can never really come back."

Another person, @BubblesHipoSlut, joked: "I wish I would have had a donkey or 2 leaving the bars!"

A third, @woodysalaskan, typed: "He knows the way home."

While a fourth, @MaryanneMancuso, commented: "Always have a plan B... cos this is a plan D."

Social media user, @MattGib40505630, wrote: "I've gone home with worse."

Animals can also help humans in terms of how to behave.

In footage posted on Twitter on Tuesday a dog can be seen walking down a road as a driver drops something out of the car window.

The dog hurries over to pick up the litter with its mouth and drops it back into the car.

The video was posted by @SudhaRamenIFS with the caption: "A lesson to you, dear Humans! Ps—Let's appreciate the training given to this dog."

The 15-second clip has been watched more than 20,700 times and garnered over 2,200 likes.

Donkey in field
A stock image of a donkey. In the viral video, a donkey was seen carrying an apparently sleeping man on his back. Getty Images