'Dragon Ball Super' Movie Villain May Have Leaked

UPDATE: Toei Animation confirmed the Broly movie is coming over on Twitter.


The Legendary Saiyan appears.
Coming to Japan on 12.14.18 💥 https://t.co/XFNlmfpxe1 pic.twitter.com/F7WWbLqmly

— Toei Animation (@ToeiAnimation) July 9, 2018

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Broly is one of the more polarizing characters in all of the Dragon Ball franchise, despite not being considered canon, but that may soon change. Possible leaked promotional material for this year's Dragon Ball Super movie seemingly reveals the title of the film will be Broly.

The origin of the leaked material, which includes a poster and other merch, is unclear but it's all over Reddit and Twitter, along with a whole lot of positive and negative responses to Broly possibly becoming canon.

Check out the leaked Dragon Ball Super Broly movie images below.

Dragon Ball Super : The Movie will allegedly be about Broly 😱😱😱 pic.twitter.com/Me5nTdu5Dw

— JR - Anime and comics fan (@Jrnotjnr) July 9, 2018

While the leaked images seem legitimate, Toei Animation has not made any official confirmation about the Broly news. We have reached out for comment and will update if we receive word.

The 2018 Dragon Ball Super movie has been teased since the series' finale in March, with Akira Toriyama, the creator of the series, saying this about the upcoming film.

"The Dragon Ball Super movie this time will be the next story in the series currently airing on TV. It will be an episode after catching our breath from the climax of the Tournament of Power with the universe's existence on the line; with content that will give a little better understanding about Frieza and the Saiyans, which I hadn't properly depicted up till now; and leading to a mighty foe saved for the occasion, which I think has it shaping up to be a really enjoyable story."

Toei Animation will releasing three remastered classic Dragon Ball movies this fall in theaters, with one of them being the first Broly movie. Perhaps this is a way to give fans new to the franchise some background on the character.

The original Broly film, which isn't considered a part of the Dragon Ball continuity like the other pre-Super movies, introduces other Saiyan survivors who arrive on Earth.

Paragus asks Vegeta to go to New Vegeta and lead his people to a new age for the Saiyans. However, it later becomes clear Paragus used his son Broly to conquer this planet and its inhabitants. The Z-Fighters try to stop Paragus, but Broly, who remembers Goku tormenting him when they were both children, loses control and kills his father before going on a rampage against everyone. The Z-Fighters eventually overcome the Legendary Super Saiyan and save the planet and its people.

The Dragon Ball Super series introduced Kale and Califa, Saiyans from Universe 6 and the first depicted female Super Saiyans. Kale's Super Saiyan personality and physical appearance w were influenced by Broly's design, but now it seems the Legendary Super Saiyan will join the Dragon Ball continuity proper with this new film.

What do you think of Broly possibly becoming a part of Dragon Ball's continuity? Are you excited for the upcoming movie? Let us know in the comments section below.