Driver Rammed Twice by Same Car in Baffling Dashcam Footage

Baffling dashcam footage of the moment a driver was rear-ended twice by the same car has gone viral.

The footage was posted in Reddit's "Idiots in Cars" forum on Sunday by a user named Tana, who wrote: "Driver chose violence this morning. She slammed me twice [at] a red light." The post has amassed more than 51,000 upvotes and over 2,000 comments while highlighting one major benefit of owning a dashcam—obtaining video evidence of a car accident for insurance purposes.

In the video, Tana slowly comes to a stop at what is understood to be the red light. From behind, a car follows him at a distance of several car lengths. Once Tana stops, however, the car barrels into his bumper, pushing the car forward. Rather than stop her vehicle, the driver of the second car then slams into Tana's a second time, causing shards of glass to fly out onto the street.

In a comment, Tana explained that the driver, who rammed into him, was a "19-year-old with Airpods in," who said her brakes "malfunctioned."

Car accident
Baffling dashcam footage of the moment a driver was rear-ended twice by the same car has gone viral. monkeybusinessimages/istock

In a statement to Newsweek, Tana further explained that in the aftermath of the accident, he filed a police report and plans on filing an insurance claim soon.

When asked about why he has a dashcam, Tana said: "I live in New York City and the dashcam is an extra layer of safety in case an accident like this occurs."

On its website, Progressive says that dash cameras can help keep drivers' insurance rates low.

"While savings may not be directly offered...there may be insurance benefits from installing cameras in your car. For example, dashcam recordings may be useful in capturing videos to provide supporting evidence for insurance claims," the company said. "A saved recording of an event that damages your vehicle or others' can expedite the claims process and prove that you're not at fault in a collision."

With this information in mind, some commenters said it was a good thing Tana had a dashcam installed.

"Glad you had a dashcam!" exclaimed u/contemner.

"Let's give a 'hell yes' to cams catching these muppets in the act," wrote u/Ginger_Welsh_Cookie.

Redditor u/kingsfan626 added: "This is why a $90 dashcam is a lifesaver."

Tana's post isn't the first from the "Idiots in Cars" forum to go viral in recent months. Last month, a video of a school bus tearing its way through an active construction zone garnered more than 50,000 upvotes. Also last month, someone shared security footage of the moment a neighbor of theirs slammed into their parked car.

Meanwhile, a security camera in China also managed to capture video of a tram collision that occurred last week on one of the country's oldest tram lines.