You Can Now Earn $2k If You Quit Social Media for Two Months

Most of us are on some form of social media these days, with our phones never far from sight.

As technology has advanced, a good proportion of our lives is now lived in the virtual world, sharing photos, videos and messages online.

One company is now looking to pay you $2,000 if you can quit social media for two months.

App Uptime is forking out the cash to one lucky, or brave, individual, who can go cold turkey and delete apps like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube.

The aim of the eight-week stint is to see if we can become more productive and work on our well-being and self-growth by ditching social media.

The "social media quitter" will be tasked with keeping a written and video log documenting their experience.

The job description said: "We will also find out how they use their newfound downtime, as well as ask them to record their happiness levels, behavior and productivity whilst not spending their free time on the platforms they use...

"We want to discover as much information as we can about how much time a person could spend improving themselves and their knowledge - alongside their wellbeing and productivity - if they were to decrease their time spent on social media or 'doomscrolling'."

As well as $2,000, the quitter will also receive $50 per month to cover expenses for memberships or online resources that improve well-being and development.

Patrick Walker, co-founder of Uptime, said: "Like most things in life, social media has its downfalls, but it can also be great for many people, from providing work to offering people a platform to express themselves and their hobbies—as well, of course, helping people to connect.

"We're not against social media at all but we do see the problems with doomscrolling, where people just consume negative and misleading news and opinions.

"In our study we want to highlight how much learning and using your time productively can result in better wellbeing and self-growth, contrary to the minutes spent wasting time online.

"We don't think everyone needs to delete social media forever, but we want to inspire people to use their downtime in a way that's better for them in many ways. If anyone is looking to take on the challenge and agree to quit social media for two months, then please apply now!"

The ideal candidate needs to be over 18, and while no previous experience is required Uptime asks they be a self-confessed "social media lover," with at least four profiles on either Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube.

They added business apps, such as LinkedIn, do not need to be deleted. It was confirmed to Newsweek the person chosen for the job will still be able to make calls and texts, and use WhatsApp.

The deadline for applications is February 21, with the successful candidate announced soon after. To apply, click here.

Photo of social media apps on phone.
Photo of social media apps on phone. A company will pay someone $2,000 if they can ditch social media for two months. Matt Cardy/Getty Images