Elderly Woman Stops Alleged Walmart Shoplifter, Rips Off His Balaclava

A brave elderly woman stopped an alleged shoplifter from leaving a Walmart store by ripping off his balaclava, according to reports.

In a video uploaded to Facebook on Saturday, a man wearing a balaclava pushed a shopping cart filled with items towards the exit of a Canadian Walmart, according to CHEK.

The man filming inside the Campbell River Walmart then asks the man in the ski mask if he plans to pay for his items, to which the alleged shoplifter said "yeah."

But as the alleged shoplifter moved towards the exit an elderly woman became suspicious of his motives, blocked his path out and ripped off his black ski mask.

With his face revealed, the man left the store without the shopping cart and left the supermarket car park on a bicycle.

Darrell Johansen, who uploaded the video to Facebook, said he alerted the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and claimed other cases of stealing had happened at the Campbell River Walmart.

In the post, Johansen said: "There's nothing preventing private citizens from jumping in but it's probably not recommended given the unfortunate incident that happened at our Walmart here a few months ago with that security guard getting stabbed. But I've just had it with this ****."

He revealed his suspicion of the man, adding: "I spotted this guy within five seconds of entering the store and knew he was about to run, and this is the result.

"Whoever this lady is that ripped his mask off, I'll take you as my partner in crime-fighting anytime.

"I called the emergency RCMP line and reported the incident but I was told that unless Walmart calls to file a claim that nothing would be done."

Cst. Maury Tyre with the Campell River RCMP said while people could be frustrated about seeing shoplifters, they should not intervene.

He told CHEK: "It's not something that we can really recommend doing, because there have been some incidents that have definitely escalated to severe violence in the community.

"Some of the individuals that are stealing and taking things, taking carts full, commonly carry knives or bear spray, and when people take matters into their own hands, they have to understand that there is an inherent risk and even sometimes liability when they do so."

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Newsweek has contacted Johansen and RCMP for comment.

Last year, a Walmart employee revealed online how staff knows exactly when a customer is stealing at the self-checkout machines.

Employees are able to connect a handheld device to self-checkout machines, displaying which ones are in use and which are open.

The device also gives away what has been scanned at each machine and how many of each item, making it easy for workers to spot those who have items in their hands or bags that haven't been scanned.

People wearing protective masks walk from a Walmart store on May 18, 2021 in Hallandale Beach, Florida. The alleged shoplifter was stopped by an elderly woman. Joe Raedle//Getty Images