Electrify America Doubling Electric Vehicle Chargers at Bank of America

Bank of America and Electrify America (EA) said on Tuesday that they plan to more than double the number of banking buildings equipped with electric vehicle chargers by the end of next year. According to the bank, 172 individual chargers have been installed at 46 outlets with the number expected to grow to 350 chargers at more than 90 locations.

Currently, EA has 800 total stations in the United States featuring 3,500 fast charging stations installed or construction completed. By 2026 it expects 1,800 stations and more than 10,000 chargers in the US and Canada.

"Electrify America is expediting the electric future by providing ultra-fast charging to customers in convenient locations," said Anthony Lambkin, senior director of operations at Electrify America. "Collaborating with companies such as Bank of America – who share our goals for a more sustainable future – helps to accelerate the transition to electric transportation and meet customers' needs."

This is a similar deal to the Volvo and Starbucks partnership from March that saw the two companies collaborating with ChargePoint to install up to 60 chargers at 15 locations of the coffee shop. It's shooting to place one every 100 miles between Seattle and Denver.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 at Electrify America charger
Bank of America customers will see more EV chargers soon. Electrify America

Bank of America's partnership with Electrify America began in 2019. Since then, chargers have been stationed in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon, Virginia and Washington. More chargers will be coming to Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, North Carolina, New York, Oklahoma and Texas next.

"At Bank of America, our commitment to a more sustainable future is woven into our culture and the many ways we serve our clients and communities," said Aron Levine, President of Preferred Banking at Bank of America. "Through our collaboration with Electrify America, we're making life easier for the communities we serve and are helping lead toward a more sustainable future."

The bank is also an EV100 member, a group that includes 121 global business that made a commitment to switch their fleets to EVs and/or install charging for staff and/or customers by 2030. B of A is joined by Goldman Sachs, AstraZeneca, Zenith and many others. Besides the actual banking locations, Bank of America has chargers at more than 100 locations for employee use.

With the company's Approach to Zero program, it is aiming to achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions across its financing activities, operations and supply chain by 2050. It also recently announced a grant to fund electric vehicles for the Wayne Health Mobile Unit in Detroit.