Who Is Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman's Wife Emma Coronel Aispuro?

Emma Coronel Aispuro, the wife of convicted drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman pleaded guilty to aiding her husband running his narco-trafficking empire.

Appearing in a federal court in Washington, D.C., Coronel Aispuro pleaded guilty to three federal offenses as part of a plea deal with the federal prosecutors.

"She is very happy to put this behind her," Coronel Aispuro's attorney, Jeffrey Lichtman, told the Associated Press after the hearing.

"She didn't expect to get arrested after her husband received life in prison. So, this is obviously a troubling time. But we're going to get past it."

Who is Emma Coronel Aispuro?

Born close to San Francisco in 1989, Coronel Aispuro won a beauty pageant contest at the age of 18 and met her future husband on the same day. The fourth of El Chapo's four wives, in August 2011 Coronel Aispuro gave birth to twin girls, Maria Joaquina and Emali Guadulupe.

El Chapo isn't the only drug lord in Coronel Aispuro's life, as her father, Ines Coronel Barreras, was a former high-ranking leader of the Sinaloa Cartel—the organization headed by his son-in-law and portrayed in the Netflix series Narcos: Mexico, Ozark and Queen of the South.

One of El Chapo's deputies, Coronel Barreras was arrested by the Mexican Federal Police in 2013 and sentenced to 10 years in jail in 2017.

Coronel Aispuro was arrested in February of this year at Dulles International Airport in Virginia and has been jailed since then.

What is Emma Coronel Aispuro accused of?

Federal prosecutors believe Coronel Aispuro "worked closely with the command-and-control structure" of the Sinaloa cartel and effectively helped her husband run his criminal empire.

In the eyes of the federal prosecutors, she "aided and abetted" the Sinaloa cartel's drug-smuggling operation into the U.S. and conspired with her sons to "plan and coordinate" her husband's prison escapes in 2001 and 2015.

Following her arrest in February, Coronel Aispuro was charged with knowingly and wilfully conspiring to distribute heroin, cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine for several years, conspiring in money laundering and engaging in transactions with a foreign drugs trafficker.

Where is El Chapo now?

El Chapo was jailed for life in 2019 and is currently serving his sentence at the U.S. Penitentiary, Administrative Maximum Facility (USP ADX) in Florence, Colorado. Opened in 1994, the facility is classed as a supermax "control unit" prison.

As of last month, USP ADX Florence housed 351 prisoners, who are confined to their single cells for 23 hours a day and are kept under 24-hour supervision.

Like his fellow inmates, El Chapo is kept in a 7-by-12 foot cell and is granted just an hour of outdoors activity a day.

His lawyer, Mariel Colon, said the strict conditions at the facility have had a major impact on the former drug kingpin.

"He looks much skinnier, a little more stifled. He is not doing well there. It is the saddest I have ever seen him," he told Univision.

"He spends all his time in isolation, nobody speaks Spanish, the guards don't speak Spanish, so many things are difficult for him.

El Chapo's wife Emma Coronel Aispuro
Emma Coronel Aispuro, wife of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, is escorted by security as she leaves federal court, July 17, 2019 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. El Chapo was sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty on all charges in a drug conspiracy trial. Coronel Aispur pleaded guilty to charges on Thursday. Drew Angerer/Getty Images