Employee's 'Petty' Solution to 'Milkier' Milkshake Request Goes Viral

A former ice cream store employee has gone viral for sharing the "petty" solution they once had for a customer's strange order request.

Posting in Reddit's "Malicious Compliance" forum under the username u/chsser, the employee said a customer of theirs once complained that his milkshake wasn't "milky" enough. The post has received more than 10,000 upvotes and nearly 600 comments from supportive Redditors, many of whom shared they've endured similar customer service experiences.

At the beginning of their post, u/chsser explained that the customer would visit the shop every day and order a strawberry milkshake.

"He was fine with long waits, or if our card machines were down," they wrote. "But, this dude would summon the might of satan if his milkshake wasn't made with enough milk in it. Worse, he would sit there and wait until you remade it to his liking."

angry customer
A former ice cream store employee has gone viral for sharing the "petty" solution they once had for a customer's strange order request. Wavebreakmedia/istock

During one of their shifts, u/chsser was finally tasked with making the man's shake. Knowing the customer liked his shakes "milky," u/chsser decided to make the drink with less ice cream than what the store's recipe called for. Unfortunately, the man still complained that the shake wasn't milky enough, and demanded a "milkier" one.

"I decided to make the milkiest milkshake possible. I went back to my station and started the concoction...I put one TABLESPOON of strawberry ice cream and filled it up to the brim with milk," they wrote.

Of course, the customer hated it and requested a third shake.

"I then politely informed him [that] our store policy only lets you have your order remade once for free," they recalled. "His face burned bright red as he muttered something under his breath, then stormed out the door, slamming it behind him."

Insider recently reported that the restaurant industry is still facing a major worker shortage. The publication said that data released from the National Restaurant Association revealed that "[s]even out of 10 operators reported not having enough employees to support demand at their restaurants, and the majority said they don't anticipate the labor situation to improve in 2022."

Reasons behind the worker shortage include low wages and "increased levels of abuse from customers," Insider stated.

Several commenters who purportedly used to work in the foodservice industry said that, like u/chsser, they also had to deal with difficult customers.

"I used to work at an ice cream store as well. We had a guy who asked for a blueberry shake with extra blueberries. When he got his shake, he complained that there weren't enough blueberries. Fine. We made him another one with even more blueberries, but still not an unreasonable amount. He then complained that there were too many blueberries and they kept clogging up his straw. The manager gave him a soda spoon and told him to leave," wrote u/Chubbadog.

"Sometimes the only way they'll learn is if you give them exactly what they ask for...I once had a customer that would come to the place I was working every Friday night and ask for an order of wings as hot as we could make them. He always got belligerently angry when we would do just that and the wings were never hot enough for him. That is until the day I brought in some Carolina Reaper paste...[he] never ordered them as hot as we could make them again," said u/llamallama-dingdong.

Others simply congratulated u/chsser for their hilarious solution.

"I am here for your petty compliance," said u/elizabethjanet.

"Good for you!" exclaimed u/seagull321.

Redditor u/andyshway added: "This is f**king gold."

Newsweek has reached out to u/chsser for comment.

Of course, u/chsser's story isn't the first from "Malicious Compliance" to go viral in recent months. Other posters to go viral in the forum include a "weekend" firefighter who took a work call on his day-off while on a hazard reduction burn, a tenant who said their landlord threatened to sue them, and a woman who came up with a hilarious solution to her husband's "no pants" rule.