'Legend': Wife's Answer to Husband's 'No Pants' Rule Has People Cracking Up

With celebs like Zendeya rocking pantsuits on the red carpet and jeans a key staple in most women's wardrobes, it's hard to imagine a time when women didn't wear pants. But it wasn't so long ago that the idea of a woman in anything other than a skirt or dress was unthinkable.

Just take a look at this personality quiz from the 1930s, which asks "If you were introduced to a young woman in trousers, would you be painfully conscious of their garb?" Or this sexist list of rules for office workers in the 90s, which includes "women cannot wear trousers on reception."

This is why Redditors couldn't help but laugh at one woman's petty response to her husband telling her she couldn't wear trousers.

In a post with over 17,000 upvotes and 600 comments (see the full post here), user bljbmnp shared the story of how her great-grandmother fought back against her husband's attempt to control her wardrobe in the 1950s.

Posting to r/MaliciousCompliance, bljbmnp wrote: "This is an older story, but one of my favorites.

"When girls started wearing slacks, my great grandmother told her husband- (my great grandfather) that she wanted to get some slacks.

"He blew up- insisting that no wife of his will ever wear pants."

Instead of arguing with her husband, she decided to get even.

Bljbmnp continued: "She could have argued, but she accepted his edict quietly.

"Until they went bowling.....

"She found the shortest skirt she could find. After all, he insisted she keep wearing skirts and dresses. (This was in the fifties).

"That night, he agreed to let her get slacks."

It turns out this wasn't the only time bljpmnp's great-grandmother took being petty to a whole other level — and Reddit loved it.

Bljpmnp added: "Side note- she would also sew shut the flaps on his long underwear when she was mad at him."

Redditors applauded the great-grandma's repeated ingenuity, with Waifer2016 saying: "The flaps part did me in. Your gran was bad a**!!"

Kelvarius joked: "Sounds like grannie knew how to skirt the issue."

DoctorTurkelton commented: "Your great grandmother is a boss and a legend!

"She is now on my list of 'women I hope to be like.'"

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, it didn't become acceptable for western women to wear pants as an everyday garment until the mid-20th century. Celebrities like Mary Tyler Moore and Lucille Ball helped to popularize the trend during the 1950s and '60s by wearing pants on TV, and it's no surprise that the rise in women wearing pants coincided with the dawning of the women's rights movement. Still, that doesn't mean women have stopped being judged for their clothing choices. One woman recently shared her experience on TikTok of getting dress-coded at Disney World, while another rejected a job offer after the interviewer criticized her choice of attire.

Other Redditors praised bljpmnp's great-grandma for having paved the way for modern women to wear pants without discrimination.

JustALittleSeahorse said: "I like your grandma. She is part of the reason women can wear pants today, and for that I thank her, even if it was a small fight."

RealAniram added: "It's one of those things that seems small but had big ramifications."

Other users soon started sharing their own hilarious stories of grandmas being their bitter best.

Seiraphim said: "My mom did something similar when told to sew on a button by a male coworker in the 1970's. She sewed on the button alright, but she also sewed two of the button holes closed with the tiniest stitches she could. She left her scissors with another (nicer) male coworker so when they were getting changed after the shift (they worked in a pharmaceutical lab in a sterile environment) the nicer coworker could take pity on the guy who demanded that she sew on the button.

"Nice guy wasn't so nice that he didn't charge for the use of the scissors, twice. He was however nice enough to split the take with my mom."

Fgdawn shared another example of an ungrateful man getting stitched up: "My grandmother had a friend of her husband decide that he could just drop off a stack of jeans to be mended. No asking, just plonking them down on the table and saying "sew up all of the holes."

"So she did. Sewed all of the pockets shut, leg holes shut. Then she decided that the waist didn't count as a hole, so she sewed the zippers down (open.) And of course sewed or patched all of the damaged places.

"Reportedly, after he fell over trying to put a pair on, he ripped the stitches out of the hem, and put them on, only to discover that he couldn't zip them, and he couldn't get to the stitches on the zipper pull with the pants on because she'd very carefully tucked it inside the fly."

Cakemonster12 shared: "A coworker of mine years ago told me a story about her mum. Her father had been complaining about her mother being too fat constantly. So her mother took all his clothes and started amending the hems, a little bit each week to the point his clothes barely fit.

"He thought he was gaining weight, after a month or so he admitted he needed to lose a few pounds, he had been teased at work for his clothes and apparent weight gain. He apologised to her and she slowly let the hems out again. He never found out, but never said a word about her weight."

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