Emus Branded 'Terrifying Dinosaurs' After Clip of Bird Roaring Goes Viral

People have branded emus "terrifying dinosaurs" after a clip of a giant bird roaring went viral online.

Owner Amanda shared a video on TikTok of one of her emus, called Karen, taking a swipe at her as she cleaned out her enclosure.

Amanda, from Useless Farm, filmed herself fending off jabs from the bird—which stands eye-to-eye with her when at full height—while it snaps its beak in anger.

But it's not the bird's size or attitude which has frightened people, rather her incredible roar as she charges at Amanda.

People are in shock after realizing emus were capable of making such a sound, as they compared the bird to their ancient ancestors, the dinosaurs.

Commenting on the clip, which has been watched more than 16 million times, KylieJade wrote: "Yeah not to be dramatic but I'm terrified of Karen."

Lachino wrote: "Ma'am I think your dinosaur is mad at you."


Someone said she might act better if she didn’t live in a scene out of Dexter and I can’t stop thinking about it honestly they’re not wrong

♬ original sound - Useless Farm

A fellow TikToker wrote in horror: "I'm sorry??? Did Karen just roar???"

Charlie Foxtrot observed: "I've never seen an animal hate someone as much as the bird dinosaur hates you."

Madison declared: "This is the most terrifying thing I've ever seen."

Sabi G thought: "Yeah I'm convinced dinosaurs definitely looked and acted like this but super-sized."

Kobe DiMaso wrote: "If I see one of those RAPTORS chasing me I'd punch it so hard."

Best of Vogue wrote: "I lost it after hearing Karen."

Commenting on disbelief, Little Cookiee said: "The noise?!? Excuse meee?"

Jamie added: "I love how she's basically a dinosaur-bird coming at you all the time."

In the clip, Amanda says: "Stop. Don't. You don't have to be like that. That's enough. Stop. You are so dramatic I was just cleaning your pen out. Don't do it. Don't be a bad girl. I'm trying to leave. Karen! That's enough. I'm trying to leave Karen, settle down. Get your knickers out of a twist."

Amanda explained she and Karen have never got on, calling her an: "Absolute b****. Hates me with every fiber of her being." She added she has "expired coupon energy."

Amanda runs the farm in Ontario, Canada, which she described as: "The most useless farm in existence. Giving animals a cushy place to enjoy the rest of their lives."

She regularly shares snaps of her menagerie on social media, which is also home to alpacas, a mini-donkey, a pony, rooster and a peacock.

And it appears fellow emu Stanley and Karen are also parents, with two chicks called Lorraine and Josh.

The website says: "Really rolling the dice on personalities for these two. Lorraine showing big Karen energy and Josh having a lot of Stanley vibes. Sweetest little angels ever. Have expensive taste and eat kale with every meal."

The flightless bird is the second largest on the planet, after ostriches, reaching heights of more than five feet, while capable of running at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour.

Britannica listed the species among their six most dangerous birds, saying: "If cornered, they kick with their big three-toed feet. Like cassowaries and ostriches, the toe claws of emus are capable of eviscerating animals under the right conditions; however, human fatalities are extremely rare."

An emu at an animal refuge center
A emu sits inside its enclosure at the New Hope Centre, an animal refuge near Amman, on August 25, 2016. A video of an emu 'roaring' has gone viral with people branding the birds 'terrifying dinosaurs'. Getty Images/KHALIL MAZRAAWI/AFP

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