'Encanto' Soundtrack: All The Songs in Lin-Manuel Miranda's New Disney Musical

Encanto is Disney's newest musical, and has Lin-Manuel Miranda at the helm.

The film focuses on the Madrigal family, who are all gifted with special powers from an enchanted candle—except for lead Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz).

However when the candle's magic begins to wane, it's up to Maribel to save the day.

As expected of the creator of Hamilton and In The Heights, Miranda has created a soundtrack full of catchy and upbeat songs that the whole family can enjoy.

It's not just Miranda who worked on the soundtrack, though, as Coco co-composer Germaine Franco also wrote the animation's score.

Which original songs did Lin-Manuel Miranda write for the film?

Miranda wrote a total of eight songs for Encanto , and each highlights a certain character.

"The Family Madrigal" acts as an introduction to the family and their magical powers and is sung by Beatriz. She also sings "Waiting on a Miracle," which focuses on Mirabel's struggle with being the only non-magic member of her family.

"Surface Pressure" is sung by Jessica Darrow and sees her character Luisa take center stage as she shares her fears over being unable to help her family, and her anxiety over taking on all of their burdens.

Beatriz performs alongside Diane Guerrero, Carolina Gaitán, Mauro Castillo, Adassa, and Rhenzy Feliz for the song "We Don't Talk About Bruno", a track about the family's missing uncle Bruno (John Leguizamo) who could see the future but always gave bleak predictions.

Here are the songs that Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote for Encanto:

  • "The Family Madrigal" – performed by Stephanie Beatriz, Olga Merediz & Cast
  • "Waiting on a Miracle" – performed by Stephanie Beatriz
  • "Surface Pressure" – performed by Jessica Darrow
  • "We Don't Talk About Bruno" – performed by Carolina Gaitán, Mauro Castillo, Adassa, Rhenzy Feliz, Diane Guerrero, Stephanie Beatriz & Cast
  • "What Else Can I Do?" – performed by Diane Guerrero & Stephanie Beatriz
  • "All of You" – performed by Stephanie Beatriz, Olga Merediz, John Leguizamo, Adassa, Maluma & Cast
  • "Colombia, Mi Encanto" – performed by Carlos Vives
  • "Dos Oruguitas" – performed by Sebastián Yatra

Which songs did Germaine Franco compose for the film?

Franco composed a total of 26 songs for the film, and they feature on the soundtrack alongside Miranda's musical numbers.

Here are the songs composed by Germaine Franco for Encanto:

  1. "Abre Tus Ojos"
  2. "Meet La Familia"
  3. "I Need You"
  4. "Antonio's Voice"
  5. "El Baile Madrigal"
  6. "The Cracks Emerge"
  7. "Tenacious Mirabel"
  8. "Breakfast Questions"
  9. "Bruno's Tower"
  10. "Mirabel's Discovery"
  11. "The Dysfunctional Tango"
  12. "Chasing the Past"
  13. "Family Allies"
  14. "The Ultimate Vision"
  15. "Isabela La Perfecta"
  16. "Las Hermanas Pelean"
  17. "The House Knows"
  18. "La Candela"
  19. "El Río Magdalena"
  20. "It Was Me"
  21. "El Camino De Mirabel"
  22. "Mirabel's Cumbia"
  23. "The Rat's Lair"
  24. "Tío Bruno"
  25. "Impresiones Del Encanto"
  26. "La Cumbia De Mirabel" (feat. Christian Camilo Peña)

Encanto is out in theaters now.

"Encanto" features original songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda and a score composed by Germaine Franco. Disney