Viral Video Shows Heartwarming Evolution of Cat and Dog's Relationship

Although the popular trope commonly depicts cats and dogs as animals that don't get along, a man's viral video of his own pets proved the opposite.

TikTok user @sobolmatthew shared the video, which has been viewed 9 million times, showing how his cat and dog's relationship evolved over the years. Viewers remarked on the special relationship between the two.

At the start of the video, his dog—a puppy at that point—nibbled at the cat's tail but quickly scurried away when the cat sat up. In another clip, the puppy playfully jumped toward the cat who initially leaned back and raised its paw before the video clip ended.

The pair warmed up to one another, as seen in the following video clips that showed the cat grooming the dog from the time it was a puppy to the point it grew older and larger.

In addition to grooming, the two were also spotted cuddling with one another.

According to Better Pets and Gardens, a relationship between a cat and a dog can vary, but it is possible for the two to form a bond if properly socialized.

The first interaction when introducing the two is important.

"Allowing a kitten or puppy to meet a cat or a dog calmly and in a safe, controlled environment is more likely to result in a tension-free relationship over the long term," the organization stated.

It may take some time for the two to form a solid bond, but there are a few tactics pet owners can do to help with the process.

This may include keeping the pets separated while the new pet has time to get acclimated to its new environment, giving them a chance to get used to one another's scents and allowing them to see one another with a barrier between them.

The heartwarming bond between the two sparked commenters to share their delight.

"My heart is melting," a viewer wrote.

"Sending this to my dog and cat," another commented.

One wrote, "Awwww, nothing sweeter."

"I JUST CAN'T," a TikTok user declared.

Some viewers wrote that the relationship between their own pets is not as sweet as the one shown in the video.

"My cat still slaps him," one commenter claimed.

Another shared that they had their puppy for three weeks, but their cats have not quite come around to bonding with each other.

Newsweek reached out to @sobolmatthew for comment.

Dog and Cat
A video that showed a relationship between a pet cat and a dog blossom has gone viral on TikTok. Here, a stock image of a cat and a dog. Prystai/iStock

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